Joy and I are off on a post-holiday jaunt out of town for a little R&R. One of the great things about the internet is that you can post from anywhere! However, being out of our normal routine provides many distractions that will probably result in posting being a bit light for the next several days. Packing for this trip has made me consider a topic I thought would make a good candidate for discussion, though. I’m talking, of course, about your BDSM travel kit.

What’s that? You don’t have a BDSM travel kit? Well, perhaps you should put one together! There’s no telling when you and your other half may need to get away for a few days, and some things are simply too much fun to leave behind!

The first thing I’d recommend considering when you create your travel kit is whether or not it will be subject to the scrutiny of airport security. If the answer’s “no”–perhaps you’re just driving over to the next city for a few days or something–then the sky is pretty much the limit, acknowledging of course that your supplies must be transportable. Let’s reflect, however, on the more difficult scenario–one in which you will by travelling by air, and must concern yourself with what the luggage inspectors might examine in your bag.

Tip number one must be to pack anything potentially embarrassing in your checked luggage, rather than in a carry-on bag! We’ve all heard the horror stories of the backup at the x-ray machine where something suspicious shows up on the scanner, and after digging through the lingerie, the polite people in uniform wearing those rubber gloves open up the bag in question and boldly dsplay the massive, purple vibrator that was the source of the problem. Heck, they probably make you turn it on to prove it works before you can bring it on board! Anyway, don’t let this be you. Keep your “unmentionables” in your suitcase and let the techs working behind the scenes look through it in private if they need to, rather than in the public eye.

That being said, however, a vibrator makes an essential part of any BDSM travel kit. We generally pack a go-to, all-purpose model to provide the maximum flexibility when it comes to usage. More than that, we choose one that’ss relatively small and light, so as not to weight down the luggage too badly. For the amount of space it takes up, a vibrator is well worth bringing along.

Vibrators have become relatively vanilla these days. If you’re staying with relatives and your aunt happens to enter the room you’re sleeping in to give you some fresh towels, for instance, and happens to spot it lying on top of the clothes in your suitcase, there may be a bit of embarrassment, but not much. Basically it sends the message that you’re a little adventurous in the bedroom, but nothing more. The same cannot be said, however, of most other accoutrements that one might bring along. A pair of handcuffs, for instance, or that pretty leather paddle might not be quite so easy to laugh off. Even the hotel maid might raise their eyebrows a bit if she happens across those, and there’s no telling what kind of alarms handcuffs might set off if your bag is scanned. For that reason, my recommendation for most other travelling kit equipment is to improvise solutions from everyday items.

With this in mind, I generally keep a couple neckties in the travel bag, and bring them along even if we’re going to the beach. Yes, they could come in handy if we go to a nice restaurant, but they also make very serviceable restraints. If you loop them and tie them correctly, they can function as cuffs, and the extra length allows you to tie your partner’s wrists or ankles off to the bed frame. Certainly you could pack rope if you wanted instead, but ties are dual-purpose. Can you wear a rope out to a formal dinner? And not even the primmest aunt is going to blink at the site of a tie or two in your bag.

Rather than the aforementioned paddle, I recommend also including a heavy, leather belt. Belts work well for spanking when properly wielded, and again will draw no notice for appearing in your suitcase. And that way you’ve got another dual-purpose item in your bag–it keeps your pants up, and it reddens your partner’s behind so nicely when you take their pants down.

For a blindfold, bring along a scarf or kerchief. While it won’t work as well as a true blindfold, it will work well enough while travelling. Or, if you feel like you simply must have something better, get one of the inexpensive sleep blindfolds that they sometimes pass out on international flights. Those work pretty effectively, and again will draw no remark.

As far as a gag goes, again a scarf or kerchief can make a serviceable and even somewhat attractive solution. If you want to increase the feeling of Dominance/submission, consider employing the traditional “panties gag”, in which the bound partner’s underwear are stripped off them, rolled into a ball, pressed into their mouth, and then tied in place with a scarf (though, as with any gag, be careful to ensure choking does not ensue).

There’s one more essential we never leave home without. It’s our Flower Balm. Never go anywhere without your Flower Balm, that’s my motto! It definitely keeps Joy in a highly receptive state when it’s properly applied, and since it comes in a small, round tin that looks like it belongs in her cosmetics case, it’s easily worth the space it takes up.

Let’s recap what we’ve included in our kit:

  1. vibrator of choice
  2. two or more neckties
  3. a heavy, leather belt
  4. two or more scarves, handkerchiefs or neckerchiefs
  5. a small tin of Flower Balm

That’s not a lot of extra stuff to carry, and though it presents a fairly nondescript image to the outside world, you can squeeze a fair amount of kinky fun out of it! Maybe cram in an extra set of batteries sized for the vibrator if you want to be sure you don’t run out of juice. Certainly you could add to this, but if you just want to cover the basics, this ought to do it. Anyway, that’s what’s in our BDSM travel kit, and I have to say we’ve already put most of it to good use!

Enjoy yourself,


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