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New BDSM Product Review: Viper’s Tongue

Whew! The holidays are a busy time, aren’t they? Between Christmas and family obligations, and now the upcoming New Year’s Day, it’s been quite a whirlwind around here at LCSB. However, fortunately Joy and I have been able to find time after the hustle and bustle of the daylight hours to spend some “quality time” together in the playroom. And that has allowed us to experiment with some of the holiday purchases we made this year!

Because of this, expect a flurry of product reviews over the next couple weeks. As usual, each will include a picture, a brief vignette to illustrate potential uses of the product, a summary of our experiences when Joy and I have put the product into use, and an overall rating. If we judge a product ranks higher than any others of the same type that we’ve reviewed, I’ll elevate it to the “best” ranking and drop the former best product into the other options list.

First out of the gate is the Viper’s Tongue leather slapper, a wicked-looking little item I’ve been eyeing for over a year. You should read the full review for details, but I’ll share that after having finally purchased it, we have found that it definitely lives up to it’s evil appearance. Just like it’s namesake, it has quite a sting. Joy’s bottom has now been bitten by this slapper on three different occasions, and it has become one of those items that holds both cold fear and strange fascination for her. Rather severe, but recommended!

Hope every one else is having as much fun with their naughty gifts as we are! Take care, all, and…

…enjoy yourself!


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Tools of the Trade

I was thinking about spanking Joy the other day (imagine that!) and trying to decide which implement I would use to do the deed. Mentally I weighed the pros and cons of each, and all of a sudden I realized I had the makings of a blog post! I did a brief survey with the party on the receiving end of these tools, busted out the camera, et voila!

Here we have an overview of the various different spanking implements we possess, complete with commentary by Joy on how each makes her feel. Of course, your experiences may not match ours, but this should serve as a rough guide when considering incorporating a spanking into your sex play…

Bare Hand: Our unanimous favorite implement is my bare right hand. It’s always handy (so to speak) and never needs to be dug up from under the bed or the back of a drawer. More than that, it can sense subtle variations in the strength of impact and the flinch of the recipient’s bottom far more readily than other implements, allowing for better sensitivity on my part. The impact and sting it delivers varies from sharp and crisp to somewhat “thuddy”, depending on how the hand is held. And the handprint it can leave on Joy’s round, white bottom is highly decorative!

Joy feels that being turned over my knee and paddled with my bare hand provides the most personal spanking experience. She also enjoys having her bottom stroked or rubbed between smacks, and a hand performs that task far better than any other implement. She says that the hand makes for the most erotic spanking, also, as it’s skin-on-skin contact. Who am I to argue with that?

Leather Belt: The leather belt conjures up images of parental discipline, and therefore assumes a level of authority in one’s mind that it simply doesn’t live up to. Our leather belt is, IMHO, the wimpiest of our spanking implements, at least when used at close quarters. Even when doubled, it simply doesn’t have enough weight or rigidity for serious spanking. However, the connotations it carries can be pleasant—there’s something about saying “Take off your panties and bring me my belt!”—and while it’s less severe than our other tools, it still can do an adequate job if properly wielded.

Note, however, that if you choose to use the belt from a greater distance (as a purely theoretical example, such as standing behind your partner who’s hands are bound overhead) and do not double it over, it can take on more whip-like qualities, and the experience ramps up in severity rather remarkably. Used in this way, I believe that the belt transcends the spanking category. Advance practitioners only, please.

Joy’s opinion of the belt as a spanking tool is “pleasantly stingy after awhile, with very little thud at all”. She also recommends it for beginners interested in giving spanking a try. We used to use a belt as our designated disciplinary spanking implement, until I realized how little severity it brought to the table.

Leather Paddle: The leather paddle was our first spanking implement other than my hand. I find its bark stronger than its bite. In other words, it makes a serious “smack” when it comes down on Joy’s ass, but the impact is diffused enough to substantially mitigate the sting. Its wide area of coverage with each blow does a wonderful job, however, of turning Joy’s bottom nicely red.

Joy assures me that while the paddle sounds more severe than it is, it nonetheless can deliver a pleasurable burn, especially with rapid use. Moreover, she likes the loud sound—it creates a feeling of severity for her, she says, even when she’s not in the mood for more serious pain.

The leather paddle delivers little thud—it’s not really heavy enough and has too much give. A wooden paddle likely would provide a harsher, more thuddie experience, but sadly we do not yet own one.

Hairbrush: When a more severe, over the knee experience is necessary, a hairbrush can deliver. It’s got a bit of weight, a hard surface, and a narrower area of impact than our paddle, and therefore concentrates the force on a smaller portion of Joy’s behind. Because it is so short, it can be used at close quarters almost as well as a bare hand, and therefore makes a good tool for an OTK session.

Joy doesn’t much care for our hairbrush, but that’s at least partially because it has unpleasant associations for her. When we moved away from using a belt for discipline, I elected to move to a hairbrush instead. The only times Joy’s been spanked with it have been when she’s in trouble, and therefore you can understand why she might not like it.

Joy comments that the brush delivers a fair amount of thud due to its rigid surface. The sting can be relatively serious if the brush is forcefully applied, and Joy describes it as a “bite” rather than a warm sting, like the paddle provides. “Ouch” is her overall comment.

Riding Crop: Not suitable for close quarters, I save the riding crop for occasions on which a less personal, more severe experience is in order. The crop makes a good accompaniment to our spanking table, for instance. It’s relatively narrow head and semi-flexible shaft limit the amount of thud it provides, but tends to maximize the sting.

“That crop bites!” says Joy with emphasis. “Why do you have to use it again?”

“Because sometimes you need a little biting”, I reply.

“Oh, yeah,” she says, wrinkling her nose. “I forgot”.

I’d say that the crop is the most severe tool we use regularly for spanking. It leaves nice red marks on Joy’s pale skin, and can cause her to gasp and whimper with correct usage.

Switch: Our switch is homemade, but what true switch isn’t? Originally switches were slender tree branches with the leaves, twigs and bark stripped off. Ours started life as part of an old cat toy, the kind that has a dangly thing hanging off a shaft. I ditched the dangly thing and kept the shaft, and there you have it.

We’ve only used the switch a couple times. Joy is, frankly, afraid of it. It’s narrow shaft delivers all impact in a small area, and it’s flexibility adds a bit of whippiness to the effect. It leaves narrow red marks on Joy’s rear, and if I’m not careful, can easily raise welts.

“It’s evil!” Joy tells me. “It hurts!” When I protest that she sometimes likes a little pain, she says, “But I’m afraid it won’t be just a little pain!” Consequently, the switch has been consigned to our closet, at least for now.

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