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BDSM Product Review: Spandex Hood with Blindfold and Mouth Hole

Slowly but surely I am continuing to work my way through reviews of the new BDSM products we added to our collection this past Christmas. Today I posted an evaluation of the Spandex Hood with Blindfold and Mouth Hole, which is basically an incremental improvement over our previous lightweight bondage hood. This new one has a blindfold built right in, which solves a problem with Joy being able to see through the thin spandex.

A hood isn’t appropriate for every adventure–in general, I’d far rather see Joy’s face when we’re in a scene together! However, sometimes a touch of anonymity and de-personalization is in order, and in those cases, this is our new favorite hood. Check out the review for more detail.

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BDSM Product Review Added: Lightweight Spandex Hood

When I put my Christmas list together weeks ago, one of the items on it was the Festish Fantasy Lightweight Spandex Open Mouth Hood. Joy and I hadn’t used a hood before, but I had a couple ideas for how it might be both fun and beneficial. Santa must have dropped the gift off early, because we broke it out well before Christmas and have now given it a suitable test run. I’m happy to report that this hood performed well and that my ideas for its use proved on target. I’ve just posted a review of the product–those interested in a BDSM hood, take a look to learn more…

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