Many bondage positions are relatively obvious if you think about the human body and how it is constructed. Join the hands front or back, join the feet, extend each limb and tie it off…there are lots of immediately apparent options. The over arm tie, however, is less intuitive, and generally doesn’t come to mind when a beginning Dominant plans the scene-du-jour. That’s too bad–the over arm tie has many good points, and actually works well for beginners, both on the Dominant and submissive side.

To achieve an over arm tie, simply bind or cuff the submissive partner’s hands together in front of them, then draw them up over and behind their head and tie them off. Now, if you’re thinking this through, you’ve probably just asked, “Tie them off to what?” Good question, as there’s no obvious means of binding your partner’s hands behind their head. However, there are several different solutions to this problem.

  • First, if the bound partner is wearing a collar, you could turn it so that the O-ring is to the rear, and then fasten their hands to it. This works well, but take care that no possibility exists that your partner may choke.
  • Second, you could also make use of a bondage belt if you have one, and use a tie to fasten their hands to the rear of the belt in the small of their back.
  • Third, you could bend your partner’s legs up behind them and use a tie to fasten their bound hands to their ankles.
  • Finally, if you’re a bit more experienced, the over arm tie is the best way I’ve found to utilize an anal hook, such as the rope master, for bondage. Simply use a tie to secure your partner’s hands to the ring at the top of the hook in the small of their back, and you’ve got shockingly firm control of them.

Why would you want to use an over arm tie with your partner? Well, it presents a variety of benefits:

  • The over arm tie provides a great feeling of vulnerability to the bound partner. Their hands are up and back, leaving the entire front of their body exposed and defenseless.
  • Breasts and genitals are both offered for stimulation in this position, as well as less well known erogenous zones, such as the neck and underarms. In addition, the bound partner’s face and mouth are accessible for kisses or other, more serious uses.
  • Despite the feeling of vulnerability it provides, the over arm tie is remarkably comfortable for the bound partner (provided that it is not tied too tightly). They may lay either face up or face down without discomfort. Because of this, it makes a good position for beginners to try after they’ve experienced the standard hands-behind-the-back and wrists-to-ankles. Joy tells me that for her, the over arm tie is the most comfortable position in which to be bound for long time periods.
  • Because the over arm tie does not necessarily involve the legs, you are free to use them for other purposes, including additional bondage positions (a frog-tie, perhaps?), holding them apart with a spreader bar, or simply leaving them free to wrap around your hips when you enter your partner.
  • Speaking of entering your partner, the over arm tie offers excellent opportunities for intercourse, as the bound partner’s legs may be left free. Both anal and vaginal penetration are perfectly convenient, with entry possible from either the front or behind.
  • If desired, it is possible to ramp up the severity of this position by increasing the tension with which the arms are pulled back and bound. Just avoid using the collar as a connection point if you go this route, and be aware that the comfort of the over arm tie declines rapidly as the tightness increases.

Every position has its drawbacks, and the over arm tie is not immune:

  • Binding your partner in this way requires additional equipment beyond just cuffs and a snap hook. At a minimum, some sort of tie is required, and a collar or belt of some sort may also prove useful.
  • Though the over arm tie secures the bound partner’s hands and arms out of the way, it does not necessarily do the same for their legs. Because of this, it does not feel as restrictive as some other bondage positions.
  • If too much slack is provided in the tie off, it is possible for the bound partner to slip an arm back over their heads and escape the position. Long ago, in the days pre-Joy, my girlfriend at the time demonstrated this for me after we had just finished an adventure. She waited until it was over, so it didn’t spoil anything, but during the whole scene, she was aware that she could escape, which tended to greatly diminish her feeling of helplessness. Plus it was an embarrassing slip up for me!

I usually employ the over arm tie with Joy when I want her hands out of the way, but her legs free, or when I want unrestricted access to her breasts and underarms. Also, as mentioned above, a much more severe sense of confinement can be achieved combining the over arm tie with an anal hook, and that is highly effective when a strong sense of control and helplessness is desired. On the other hand, I generally wouldn’t use an over arm tie if I wanted Joy’s legs to be secured, especially if I wanted them bound apart for intercourse.

Enjoy Yourself!


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