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Car Wash Challenge

Here it is mid-March, and the nice weather is making me think of spring rituals. You know, things like planting flowers, grilling out on the deck, and of course, getting the car washed. After a long winter full of mud and salted roads, a good car wash is essential to welcome in the warmer weather, right?

There’s a car wash that I sometimes go to down the road. It’s one of those fully-automated, mechanical ones that some gas stations have put in. You fill up the tank, and as you finish, the pump asks you if you want to wash your car. If you answer yes, it bills your card for the wash plus the gas, and then gives you a secret code. You pull up to the entrance to the wash building around back, enter the code on a keypad, and the entry gate opens and you can drive in. The water sprays turn on, the brushes and buffers spin up, and washing begins. A couple minutes later you drive back out again with a clean(er) car.

“Why am I reading about car washes?” you may be asking yourself. “Spring or no, I kinda thought Jake usually wrote about a different kind of subject matter.”

But see, here’s the thing. While you’re in the wash, sitting in your car surrounded by spraying water and spinning brushes, it’s actually kind of a private environment. Oh, only semi-private; the world goes on all around you, but for a couple, brief moments, while the wash is in operation, there is peace and a feeling of being cut off from the external world, isolated behind your car doors. It’s only for a couple minutes, mind you. After that, the wash ends, the splashing water shuts down, the entryway lights up, and anyone behind you waiting to get in begins honking their horn if you don’t move.

And that, of course, brings me to the challenge…the Car Wash Challenge.

Assuming that you have a car wash such as I described above within driving range, you can present your partner with the challenge, if you’re so inclined. Here are the rules–they are pretty simple:

  1. The challenge begins once the car wash has been activated by entering the key code…starting earlier is cheating.
  2. The passenger must bring the driver to orgasm. You can set any rules about how they’re allowed to do this that you want—for Joy and I for instance, the rule was that she was not allowed to use her hands.
  3. The driver shall not move his car out of the car wash until the passenger has made them come. This applies whether or not there is anyone else waiting in line, even if they honk their horn.

As I said, the rules are pretty simple, but you can see the fun to be had here. The atmosphere is private enough to make the challenge practical, but at the same time, public enough to add a thrill. There’s a built-in time limit, and should time expire, the challenge becomes more onerous because others might begin to pay attention to what is happening.

Joy likes to be challenged. She takes pride in overcoming whatever challenge life, or her husband, hands her. And she rose to the occasion of this particular challenge quite admirably. Oh, I didn’t make it too difficult for her. You know, we men have at least a little control over how easily we come, and I did what I could to help the process along quickly for her sake, but to be honest, her mouth is so warm and skillful anyway, she didn’t have much trouble. She finished me off only a few seconds after the exit light lit up, and after a moment of recovery, we drove off, with Joy wearing a smug smile (among other things) on her face, and the guy waiting in line behind us in his Audi none the wiser.

Do you think your partner (or you, yourself) can do as well? It’s up to you how much notice you give them about what you have planned. Joy is expected to always be ready and available, so I didn’t say anything until I had the code in hand and was about to enter it onto the keypad. Think you can handle the car wash challenge? There’s only one way to find out. Feel free to share your adventure via comment below if you’d like! Happy spring, and as always…

Enjoy yourself,


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A Proper Blow Job

Blow jobs are kind of like pizza. Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good. Joy has considerable talent in the field of blow jobs, and regardless of the style or position she delivers one in, it is an experience, let me tell you!

Nonetheless, we have guidelines for a “proper” blow job in our house. A proper blow job is not always what I am looking for and not always what I require of her, but when I tell Joy that I want a “proper blow job”, she knows exactly what I mean. I thought it might be fun to share our guidelines with you.

The requirements for a proper blow job are as follows:

  • Joy must be on her knees in front of me
  • She may wear panties if desired. Other than that, she must be completely naked.
  • She may use only her mouth to service me. No other parts of her body are permitted to be used.
  • Hands must be kept behind her back the entire time. They may be cuffed or tied behind her if I choose, but I may also simply require her to hold them behind her back.
  • She must swallow. I sometimes choose to end in a facial instead, but if I decide to come in her mouth, she must swallow.

We have worked on this many, many times, and Joy has become quite expert. Despite the repetition, however, there is still something just a little magic about this act. When I come home from work and catch Joy in the kitchen, and tell her, “Joy, I’d like a proper blow job,” there is more than a whiff of humiliation in making her drop whatever she is doing, quickly strip down to her panties, and use her mouth to suck me off, especially if I tell her she needs to “Hurry up!’ as she is getting undressed.

It’s quite wonderful to have a pretty woman, naked, with her face a bit pink, getting down on her knees in front of you. Sometimes I find that a bit of spanking is required after the pants are off but before the blow job begins in earnest—Joy wiggles most beautifully in my lap, and the sight of her perky nipples afterwards as she drops to her knees and settles me into her warm mouth adds greatly to the experience. When I am done, I hold Joy close and tell her how good she has made me feel, and how glad I am to have her as my wife.

As I said before, this is far from the only type of blow job we engage in around our house, but it is a frequent and somewhat meaningful practice. I guess, in a way, it’s a sort of a ritual we follow, one that has been built up over time. It’s just one of the things that makes our relationship special…

Enjoy yourself,


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Friday Adventure Idea: Learning to Swallow

Recipe for Learning to Swallow

Back when Joy and I were vanilla, Joy had an issue with oral sex. Oh, it wasn’t the sucking part—she was fine with that. But she didn’t like for me to ejaculate in her mouth, and if I did so, she really didn’t like to swallow. As we began down the path of BDSM, it became clear that she wanted to learn to swallow (okay, what she actually wanted was to be MADE to swallow), but she didn’t like the taste and sensation of semen in her mouth. Eventually, with practice, Joy overcame this distaste, and I’d say at this point that being made to swallow holds some of the same attraction as a spanking—it’s not particularly enjoyable in the moment, but the feeling of submission it engenders is wonderful. Today’s adventure comes from one of the practice sessions we held to help her reach this point.

Because it involves the use of a gag, it is wise to have a “safe gesture” in place for this scenario. The adventure was written from a male Dominant/female submissive perspective, but could be modified somewhat to work with a male-male couple if desired. I’m afraid that for obvious reasons it won’t work as well for female Dominants.

You Will Need:

  • One set of comfortable cuffs
  • One snap hook
  • A ring gag of sufficient girth to allow you to insert your penis through it


I’d suggest your partner wear a babydoll nightgown for this scene—it’s decorative, and yet leaves her lower half fully available for use. You may choose to go a different direction if desired, as long as nothing she wears obstructs penetration. I’d suggest starting with a pair of boxer briefs for your own costume—that way you’ll be quickly ready for action.

Lay out your equipment before you start so that it is immediately handy. No need to place it out of sight—your partner won’t be able to deduce much from seeing it, and in this case, it doesn’t much matter if she figures out what you’re up to in advance.

  1. Preheat your partner nicely with kisses and caresses. Why? Because it’s always better to start with a warm oven!
  2. Buckle the cuffs around each of your partner’s wrists. Continue preheating as you do so.
  3. Lay your partner on her back, then draw her knees up to her chest. Bring her arms up around her legs and fasten her wrist cuffs together behind her knees with the snap hook. When you are done, she should be in a loose ball-tie position (see picture above).
  4. The ball tie nicely exposes your partner’s genital area. Take advantage of this for a moment or two by exploring her lower half with your tongue.
  5. When you are through with your exploration, insert the ring gag into her mouth, then gently lift her head and fasten the straps nice and tight around the back. The gag should be held securely in her mouth when you are through.
  6. Now, with your partner in position, it’s time to focus on increasing her submissive mindset for a few moments. Give her a slow, but thorough, spanking. The ball-tie position not only makes her bottom available but allows you to utilize her legs for leverage if she starts to wiggle. Do not stop until your are certain that the spanking has clearly conveyed the message that you may do as you please with her.
  7. When you are done, use her legs to turn her to face you and mount her. Take your time and enjoy her vagina. If desired, you may enjoy her ass instead. Continue moving inside her until you are very close to your orgasm. Do not come yet, however!
  8. When you are on the very edge of orgasm, pull out and move to her head, using her legs to help position her appropriately. Grasp her hair to hold her head immobile, then insert your penis through the ring gag into her mouth. Now go ahead and come. If you need to use your hand to masturbate a bit to get you over the last fence to your climax, that’s fine. Just be sure that your penis is through the gag and in the depths of her mouth before you let go.
  9. Instruct your partner to swallow the come in her mouth. Hold her head in position, using her hair as a handle to prevent her from turning to the side to let the semen dribble out. Be careful that she does not choke, but be firm that you require her to swallow.
  10. Afterwards, remove the gag and free her wrists and let her know that you are proud of her. Hold her close until you are both calm and peaceful.


Because this adventure is meant to leverage a strong sense of submission, there are no steps other than the pre-heating focused on giving pleasure to your partner. Instead, the instructions focus on setting up a situation where you use your partner for your own pleasure and she is helpless to do anything but submit. If you prefer, you could certainly introduce a vibrator or other toy and devote some time to helping her to an orgasm of her own, but it will definitely change the feeling of the adventure.

Certainly other bondage positions would work for this scene, but I like the ball-tie because of the advantages it provides. It is quick to set up and requires very little equipment, and it offers a deceptively strong amount of control. In a good ball-tie, the bound party has very little ability to move, and the legs provide an excellent source of leverage to twist and turn your partner about to meet your needs. In addition, the fact that it places your partner on her back looking up ensures that gravity will help the inexorable slide of your semen down her throat, while the gag prevents her from being able to spit it out.

Enjoy yourself,


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Friday Adventure Idea: Busy at Both Ends

Recipe for Busy at Both Ends

As you might guess from the title, the point to this adventure is to simulate a situation in which your submissive partner must simultaneously satisfy two different penises, one with their mouth and the other with the opposite end of their body. Because it is a simulation, it’s best if your partner is free to use their imagination to enhance the experience—hence the requirement for a blindfold.

If you wish to stress the idea that your partner must submit to you and you expect them to obey regardless of what you require of them, slant your dialogue during the adventure in this direction. Use phrasing such as, “Do as you are told”. If you’d rather focus on the simple fun of pretending to have a threesome, that’s okay, too—just lighten the dialogue up and have fun. Joy and I, of course, took the former direction, but either way is fine—it depends entirely on what you prefer.

Like usual, I’m writing this from the perspective of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner. It’s certainly possible to reverse the roles and genders, but if the Dominant partner is female, a strap on dildo should be added to the list of required equipment.

You Will Need:

  • 1 blindfold
  • 1 suction-cup dildo
  • a hard, smooth surface on which to affix the dildo (note that the surface must be positioned so that the dildo can stick to it at about head-height for your partner when she is on all fours—we have a full-length mirror on the wall that works well)


This is one scene in which stimulating your partner’s breasts does not necessarily play a large role, so it is an excellent opportunity to break out a pretty bra, an over-bust corset or other lingerie that covers your partner’s nipples. This sort of lingerie always seems to come off very quickly in our house, but this adventure provides a chance to leave it on and enjoy how lovely your partner looks wearing it. You may dress yourself however you see fit to start, but you’ll likely end up naked before the scene is through.

It’s probably best to keep the suction-cup dildo close by, but out of sight so that your partner doesn’t see it in advance. Note that some suction-cup dildos (like ours) are made of rubber, which may leave a bad taste in your partner’s mouth. Use of a condom over the dildo will prevent this, as well as add a fun touch of realism to the proceedings.

  1. Thoroughly and completely preheat your partner. Employ whatever methods you choose to accomplish this (ours included a good spanking, but your mileage may vary), but be sure she is at a full-on broil by the time you move on to the next step.
  2. Tell your partner that you want her to be a good girl, and then slide the blindfold over her head. Adjust it to be sure her vision is fully blocked.
  3. Fix the suction-cup dildo to the smooth surface at the appropriate height. Tell your partner that you owe a friend a favor, and she will need to take care of it for you. Lead her to the correct spot and guide her down onto her hands and knees. Direct her head to the dildo and tell her you expect her to suck your friend off.
  4. While she begins sucking, take the opportunity to admire her rear end, using your hands and tongue to perform the admiration. Feel free to deliver a bit of spanking if you like (I know I did!), especially if she shows hesitation to begin her task.
  5. When your partner has settled into her job, enter her from behind. You may use either of her two orifices, though the angle will likely be better for her vagina (and if you go with her ass, be sure to apply lube first).
  6. Thrust in and out of your partner for as long as you can last, allowing her to savor the push-me-pull-you effect of having a cock in both ends. When you can’t hold off anymore, go ahead and take your own pleasure.
  7. Afterwards, hold her close and talk about the experience and how she felt having to satisfy two penises at once. If she did not reach her own orgasm, now might be a good time to see if you can rectify that situation—she’s already well warmed-up, and the conversation will likely only serve to make her hotter.


If you choose to keep the dialogue during the adventure light in tone, this scene can actually be good for a beginner couple. While the idea of being “made” to give oral sex to a friend can seem extreme, the fact that it’s simulation may serve to trigger the hot fantasy part of the scenario while leaving the fear part behind. In fact, this could be a good baby step to use in working towards a real threesome experience, if that is your desire.

Incorporating a more Dominant tone, especially when coupled with corporal punishment, can make the scenario appropriate for more experienced players. Those desiring to go this direction could consider adding a leash and using it to lead the submissive partner on all fours over to the dildo before the sucking commences.

Enjoy yourself,


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After All, Practice Makes Perfect

One of the techniques I use to assert Dominance over Joy is to require her to perform (sexual) tasks. There have been lots of different tasks over the years: going panty-free and wearing skirts for a week, for instance, or wearing her anal plug for several hours a day. These tasks assert Dominance because they require Joy to do something that I choose for her, and that she would not ordinarily do herself. Ideally they also make her at least a bit uncertain or uncomfortable (though sometimes I think she enjoys that anal plug a bit too much) so that she must make herself comply with my requirement—that way it is clear to her that she is doing what she is told rather than what she wants.

Performance of these tasks tends to excite her. In fact, that’s one of the primary benefits they provide–they arouse her and keep her excitement at a high level. Upon occasion, we’ve been able to keep things at a nice simmer for upwards of a week, leaving her bubbling and boiling with arousal during the day, bringing things to culmination at night, and then returning her once more to the heat the next morning. Weeks like that are rather fun, I have to tell you.

The task that seems to increase her arousal the most, however, I use only infrequently. I don’t want it to lose its magic due to overexposure, so I limit it to once every few months. It is, in some respects, the hardest task for Joy to complete, because it so egregiously violates her sense of propriety and her sense of what society says she ought to like. Perhaps that’s exactly why its effect is so strong upon her.

The task is simple. We own a suction-cup dildo, a nice, black rubber one, about seven inches long, with a good strong suction so that it will stay stuck wherever you put it. I lay it out in the playroom, along with a condom.

Joy is to go by herself to the playroom. She must stick the dildo to the wall at about waist height. She must unwrap the condom and place it over the dildo. She must get down on her knees and spend five minutes giving the dildo the best blow job she knows how to give, taking it deep into her mouth and down her throat. She must imagine that it is a real cock, and do her best to make it come.

When she is done, she may remove the condom and throw it away, and return the dildo to its storage location. And then she must notify me that her task is complete. Note that I am nowhere in the vicinity when she performs this task—in fact, I usually assign it during times when I know she will be home alone. She typically communicates that she is finished via text.

Now, on the face of it, this doesn’t really sound hard to do. Joy is quite happy to give me a blow job whenever I want one, so the physical act isn’t the issue. However, in this case, you see, it’s not me that she’s blowing. She has to give the blow job to an inanimate object, by herself, without me present. Moreover, she has to get down on her knees and suck it for a considerable time. The actions she must take can be seen as somewhat humiliating, and because I am not there, she gets no external reinforcement for her performance–she must rely solely on her own will to comply. This is difficult for her even on the surface level.

However, there is much going on beneath the surface of this task. When she performs it as instructed, Joy symbolically gives head to another cock, a stranger’s cock. She does so because I instructed her to. Even though I’ve never explicitly explained this to her, don’t think that she hasn’t realized what I am asking and what she is doing–my wife is a smart woman, and I’m quite certain she understands both consciously and subconsciously. In the fantasy that I require her to play out, she submits to me by performing the task and submits to the fictional owner of the pretend cock by going down on her knees and sucking him off. The idea that she must place a condom on the cock first (necessary, by the way, due to the taste of the rubber it’s made out of, but helpful to the situation nonetheless) makes the whole act seem more real.

Joy feels very funny about this whole experience. She tells herself over and over that she should not enjoy it, that it’s something she should resent, that the whole thing is pretend anyway, and that she doesn’t understand why I’d want her to do it in the first place since I’m not even there to see. I know this because she’d told me so. But despite her misgivings and how often she repeats them, here’s how effective this little exercise is. In bed the evening after the second time I required her to perform the task, she broke down and confessed that afterwards, after she’d finished her five minutes of oral services, she couldn’t help herself. She pulled off her pants and panties, turned around, and backed up onto the dildo, using it to fuck herself. And she confessed that she’d done the same thing the first time I assigned the task to her.

I’ve set her this task two times since her confession, and each time afterwards, she’s again found herself finishing up by turning around and taking the dildo into her moist and willing pussy, over and over again. And each night, when I’ve returned home, I’ve found her all riled up and ready for action, hardly able to wait until bedtime.

Mission accomplished.

Enjoy yourself,


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