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Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish all a happy New Year! I hope that the coming year is an excellent one for all. There are signs of both hope and fear all across the globe right now–let us keep our fingers crossed that hope prevails.

And in the meantime, how about if we proclaim 2013 as the year of kinky sex? Sounds like a good plan to me!

Joy and I each made resolutions to each other last night. Joy resolved to face up to her desires rather than hiding from them, to be more willing to try new things that intimidate her, and to make a greater effort to submit, even when she isn’t feeling like she wants to. My resolutions were to do a better job holding Joy accountable for transgressions, even small ones (always an issue for me) and to not only take charge more firmly, but to insist on submission when Joy pushes back. I thing our resolutions compliment each other, so hopefully we can provide mutual support.

How successful we are with these resolutions will likely be good fodder for a future post! In the meantime…

…Enjoy yourself,


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Joy’s New Years Resolutions

Guest post by Joy

This year I am not going to make the same resolutions that I have in the past. I resolve to make new resolutions; hopefully the sort that do not fall by the wayside within a few months or weeks (or just after midnight as a few have done).

I want to make resolutions that I am strongly motivated to keep. In the past few weeks, I have seen a great strengthening and deepening in what I thought was already a great relationship with Jake, and I want to make resolutions that will help me see just how far we can take this. So here goes …

  1. I resolve to show more trust in Jake. When he asks something of me, I resolve to think before I say ‘no’ if indeed that is my first reaction. My trust in him has not been misplaced thus far, so there is no reason to stop trusting him now.
  2. I resolve to be more communicative with Jake. If I have to request that we turn off the lights and ask Jake to press his ear to my lips because all I can do is whisper haltingly in unfamiliar words; if that is what I have to do to voice my desires that is what I will do.
  3. I resolve to try every toy Jake springs on me. If I am feeling timid, I will simply ask for a blindfold. As with trust, Jake has not yet done wrong by me in this category and I can only benefit by allowing him to lead.
  4. I resolve to try to embrace my ‘submissive self’ (I believe that is the right term) and let her show herself more. By that, I mean that I resolve to resist the ingrained notion that showing dependence, need or the willingness to obey is an indicator of weakness. I struggle with it, but I am learning, slowly but surely (at least so far) that it is actually an opportunity for growth both for me as an individual and for my relationship with Jake.
  5. I resolve to read Jake’s blog on a regular basis. Believe it or not, I do not keep up with it. I have found it too personal and a bit embarrassing in the past, but now I also see it as a portal into my husband’s mind. He truly is very inventive; I am blessed to have somehow found in my husband the sort of lover that many women only find in ‘romance novels’ or erotica.

That is my list. I know that it is only five things and not particularly ‘sexy’ at that, but perhaps I can write a more exciting list of resolutions next year. These are actually five huge resolutions for me. A few weeks ago I thought I knew everything, but now I am finding that I am just a baby. What a way to begin the New Year.


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