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Bondage Product Review Added: Flower Balm by Hot Pants Products

Joy has provided her thoughts on a sensitizing lotion by Hot Pants Products called Flower Balm. She enjoys it very much–so much, that I’m afraid I’m going to have to be sure she uses some tonight! If you’ve tried sensitizing lotions in the past and been unimpressed, this product might make you change your mind. Take a look at what Joy has to say if your’re interested!

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Review of Astroglide Liquid

I’m still working on adding product reviews…a slow process, I’m afraid. However, I figure if I keep plugging away, eventually this site will have a reasonably big list of products that have been tried and evaluated. Actually, really what I’m doing at the moment is posting product recommendations…I haven’t had time yet to get to products that Joy and I don’t recommend.

Anyway, the latest recommendation comes in the personal lubricant category, and it’s for Astroglide Liquid. It’s good stuff!

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