I had a brief comment discussion with t1klish a few weeks ago on the topic of men’s clothing. Well, “clothing” probably isn’t the right word, but the fact that there’s no better one serves to highlight the issue we discussed. t1klish was pointing out that when it comes ogling their wives or girlfriends in slinky lingerie, men have it great! There are stores and catalogues and online retailers all devoted to providing good ogling attire, and the menu of lingerie options is vast and varied. But when the tables are turned, and a woman wants her husband or boyfriend to dress in something provocative…well, what is there? There’s no “Victor’s Secret” at the local mall. As I mentioned, there doesn’t even seem to be a male counterpart for the word “lingerie” to describe men’s risqué clothing.

As t1klish pointed out, this is not fair. This might be an untouched market just waiting for someone to come out with a product line to fill it! But you know what? If I try to imagine what that product line might look like, well…I have a hard time. I’m afraid I don’t really know what sort of male “lingerie” women might find hot.

When I consider that question, I think back to a female friend who once confided in me that a pair of jeans and nothing else was the outfit she found hottest on a male wearer. There’s one data point. And I add in that Joy tells me I have a pair of black boxer-briefs that she thinks I look particularly good in. That’s another piece of input. Oh, and there are the chainsaw chaps that I wear to protect myself when cutting wood—I know she likes these, though they are a bit “Village People” to wear in the bedroom for my taste. Beyond that, I’m afraid I have little to go on.

Of course, there is also the traditional BDSM-wear for men—chains and leather, harnesses, collars with studs or spikes. My impression is that these types of costumes tend to target the homosexual crowd and therefore appeal more to men than women, but I could be wrong. I know women are reputedly “less visual” than men when it comes to eroticism. Is it possible that women don’t find much appeal to men dressed in underwear, sleepwear or other skimpy clothing? t1klish indicates otherwise, but perhaps most women don’t feel the same way?

I thought I would ask female readers. Think about bedroom clothing—the stuff you’d like to see a man wear behind closed doors when you are already in your slinky nightgown. That means that a nice suit and tie, however sexy –looking, doesn’t count. What type of male “lingerie” do female readers find most attractive on men?

I’ve listed some options below, but feel free to think outside the box I have drawn and come up with your own suggestion:

  • Boxer shorts?
  • Briefs?
  • Some sort of novelty briefs (such as the kind that has an elephant’s face on the front, and you-know-what fits inside the trunk)?
  • BDSM-wear?
  • Some sort of costume (e.g. a construction vest and hard hat)?
  • Elegant flannel pajamas?
  • Something else?

If you have some thoughts on this topic, please share them via comment. Please don’t be shy—I’m curious to hear your thoughts! And bear in mind that you’ll be doing a service for all mankind! Armed with this information, we men can do a better job of making ourselves visually-appealing in the boudoir. And we all benefit from that, don’t we?

Enjoy yourself,


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