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Bondage Position: Hog Tie

A few months ago, I wrote a series of posts that described the various bondage positions that Joy and I employ during our nocturnal adventures together. Shockingly, I appear to have entirely skipped over the hog tie! Obviously I must remedy this defect immediately…

The hog tie gets its name from the way that swine were historically secured to prevent them from moving. The animal’s four trotters were gathered and bound together in a bundle. A similar approach is used in rodeos for the calf-roping event, when the rider ropes the calf, dismounts, flips the calf over and binds its hooves together (in this case it’s only three hooves, but the principle is the same). When applied to a human this same general approach applies, except that the four limbs are bound together behind the back.

To place your partner in a hog tie, simply bind their wrists together behind their back and then bend their legs back and secure each ankle to their wrists. You can use as little as a single strand of cord or a silk necktie if that’s all you’ve got, or you can be more elaborate if you like rope and knots. I, of course, am not a rope guy, so my preferred method usually involves a cuff on each wrist and ankle, and either some snap hooks or our leather hog tie, which is a purpose-built restraint created specifically to enable the hog tie position.

The severity of the hog tie depends on how much slack you give your partner’s limbs. Little slack implies more severity and less comfort, and more slack implies less severity, greater comfort, and less control. Generally I’ve found that it’s best to leave enough slack to enable your partner to lie flat on their back without being forced to lay on top of their hands. However, there may be special occasions in which you desire more or less slack.

The great advantage of the hog tie is the degree of control it provides you. If your partner is confined in this manner, they truly can do little to free themselves, as they can’t see behind them to work on loosing the cuffs or knots. They can’t really go anywhere either, as they have little use of either their legs or hands. About the only thing they can do is wiggle, and it can be great fun to give them something to wiggle about!

Opportunities to provide stimulation to induce wiggling abound, as this position leaves your partner’s breasts, nipples and genitals exposed and (mostly) defenseless. The breasts, in particular, are extremely available, and therefore anything from breast-spanking to nipple clamps to kisses and caresses are very much in play. Manual, oral and mechanical stimulation of the genitals are also extremely convenient, and because the bound party’s mouth is completely unobstructed, it’s perfectly possible to avail yourself of its pleasures while your partner is bound in this way.

A severe hog tie can become fairly uncomfortable quickly, especially if the bound party is positioned on their back, lying on top of their own arms. Less severe hog ties, however, can be reasonably comfortable for longer periods of time, and therefore are preferred in most cases. As with any bondage position that induces helplessness, one should never leave one’s partner alone when they are bound in this position.

Naturally, the hog tie has drawbacks as well, and unfortunately I find them serious. The primary issue has to do with access. With the limbs bound back together, the legs and arms get in the way of any activity involving the bound party’s behind, including spanking as well as anal and rear-entry vaginal intercourse. Severe hogties get in the way of front-entry vaginal intercourse as well, but moderate ties with sufficient slack can make it more possible. In addition, it’s only really comfortable for the bound party if they lay on their side or belly. Any positions that require them to remain face up are problematic.

Because of the access issue, I usually employ moderate severity and limit our use of the hog tie to “all about Joy” nights, where I do my very best to give a bound and helpless Joy orgasm after orgasm, even after she thinks she can’t possibly stand anymore. The hog tie position works very well for this because she truly can’t prevent me from touching her when and how I desire. Sometimes we stop after the last ounce of excitement has been wrung from her and just go to sleep, but often I’ll call a halt a little sooner and leave her bound as I take my pleasure in her mouth or vagina.

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New Review Added: Leather Hog Tie

Joy and I have now sufficiently tested the Leather Hog Tie to evaluate it, and we’ve deemed it the “best hog tie” that we’ve used to date. Oh, it definitely falls into the “nice to have” category rather than the “must have” category, but it’s still a lot of fun and a serious improvement over impromptu hog tie arrangements. If you follow this blog, you know that I’m of two minds about the hog tie position, but if you’re going to go with it, this item will help make things go smoothly. Take a look if you have an interest…

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