Around about this past Christmas, I developed a bit of an interest in latex…particularly latex clothing. I’m not sure where the interest comes from exactly—it’s got something to do with the way latex clings so close to the human body, molding itself like a second skin, and the thought that it wraps close around the body of the wearer, enclosing them tightly in its elastic grasp. I hadn’t had much inclination prior to this, but on a flyer, I bought a pair of black, latex panties for Joy.

Now, Joy has a lovely ass, and I had great confidence that her behind would look quite scrumptious covered in smooth, black latex. But being Jake, I wasn’t satisfied with settling solely for the decorative aspect of things. Therefore, the panties I bought came with a built-in, internal vibrating dildo. My thought was that I’d put Joy in those panties with the dildo fully inserted, bind her hands at her neck or overhead, and then power up the vibrator. The tight-fitting panties would keep it in place, and Joy would be unable to free herself from their confinement. This seemed like a recipe for all kinds of fun for both of us!

And, in fact, it worked…at least somewhat. Joy did enjoy the feeling of being full, all tingly from the vibrations, and tightly encased. Her butt looked smashing in the panties. And more than that, the thin latex covering and close fit allowed me to apply a second vibrator to her vulva from the outside, enabling extra stimulation. It was a fun evening, but all in all, I have to say that I found latex’s downsides discouraging, and because of that, we haven’t employed these panties since. Here are the issues I encountered:

  • Latex has an unpleasant, chemical odor (and taste, by the way). Even after cleaning the smell lingers, and it can be transmitted to the body wearing it. It’s not incredibly strong, and my nose isn’t particularly sensitive, but it’s noticeable and a bit off-putting.
  • When you see latex clothing in an online ad or on a model, it’s nice and bright and shiny. However, in reality, one must spent time maintaining it to keep it that way. There’s such a thing as latex polish, and without it being applied, the material looks dusty and dull, losing that bright, attractive shine. Take a look at the picture I added to this post to see what I mean, and note that it’s hard to see the dustiness in the small image, so it’s actually worse than it looks.
  • Though the latex is thin and clings tightly to Joy’s bottom, it nevertheless interferes with spanking. Afterwards, Joy told me that she could hardly feel the paddle coming down across her buttocks. She did not have this same problem with feeling the external vibrator, however, likely because it doesn’t rely on sudden impact which the latex can diffuse.
  • Because it stretches and clings so tightly, latex can be difficult to put on. The panties have to fit tightly to avoid wrinkles and bagging, so it requires some effort to work them over the thighs and hips and snug them into place.
  • Latex clothing is also relatively expensive. A pair of panties won’t break the bank, but going beyond that gets pretty pricey, pretty quick.

Honestly, the biggest issue is probably the smell. If it weren’t for that, I could probably work around the other things, but I don’t know what can be done about the odor. If somebody out there were to invent a non-aromatic latex, I think I could become a convert. As it is…well, latex still has its theoretical appeal, and it can look quite erotic in pictures, but I’m afraid I’ll leave it alone in real life.

Of course, my experience with latex is limited. All you latex aficionados feel free to share tips or alternatives, and I’ll certainly be willing to consider them!

Enjoy yourself,


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