Recipe for Make Her Laugh

I thought today we’d go in a different direction for a change. Did you know that throughout history, tickling has been used as a form of torture? When applied with determination, it can be a powerful lever to convince the subject to provide information, obey instruction, and generally reach a state of acquiescence. In other words, it can compel submission.

In this adventure, we are going to use tickling, rather than spanking or some other means of causing pain, to ensure your partner submits to you. Because this is a light-hearted adventure, it’s a good one for relative beginners. But be warned! Tickling is far more likely to trigger the use of a safe word than a spanking! In fact, when I enacted this scenario with Joy, we did it under modified safe word guidelines, in which use of her safe word would require me to pause and make certain she was physically safe, but then allow me to continue with the exercise.

Obviously, your partner must be ticklish for this to work. For my instructions below, I’m assuming that their underarms are a location on their body sensitive to tickling. If this is not true for your partner, you’ll need to adjust to focus on a more fruitful area! As always, this is written from my perspective—that of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner. However, roles and genders may be switched with no impact on the adventure.

You Will Need:

  • 1 pair wrist cuffs (and they need to be good, strong, non-abrasive ones, because your partner will likely be tugging at them with her full strength)
  • 1 collar with o-ring
  • 1 snap hook
  • Other bondage equipment may optionally be used to secure your partner’s legs or ensure that they are more fully immobilized if desired


Tickling will prove a powerful source of motivation to make your partner submit, but before you begin, you need to figure out something that you want them to submit to! I can’t guess what this should be—you’ll need to decide that for yourself. When I conducted this adventure years ago with Joy, my choice was to require her to swallow after a blow job. At that point, swallowing was not something she enjoyed, though she had a deep-down desire to be made to do it. This exercise worked nicely to help her take a step towards overcoming her difficulty with the act. Options for your own partner are wide, and could include anything from anal sex to allowing you to shave her pubic hair to…well, as I said, you’ll know better than I. Do not, however, pick something that you believe is out of reach for her or that she truly does not want to do! That might lead you to cross the line of consensuality.

The best clothing option for your partner to wear for this adventure is probably a nice bra and panty set. That way all the ticklish bits are nicely exposed! There are no particular dress requirements for you—dress however you are comfortable.

  1. It’s almost always nice to start with a warm oven! Pre-heat your partner to raise her temperature level. Put the cuffs on her wrists and the collar around her neck as you do so. Be sure the O-ring of the collar is positioned at the back of her neck.
  2. When the cuffs are on, use the snap hook to connect your partner’s wrists together in front of her. Continue pre-heating as you lift her joined wrists up and over the top of her head and attach them to the O-ring of the collar, forming an over arm tie position. This make your partner’s breasts highly available (always a good thing), but more importantly, it will also expose her highly ticklish underarms nicely.
  3. If you’re going to use other bondage equipment to secure your partner’s legs or body, now’s the time to do so. Just be sure she remains face up on the bed when she is fully bound.
  4. Kiss your partner’s lips and neck and move down over her chest. However, rather than progressing to her breasts, this time kiss your way up and into her armpits. Kiss, nuzzle and nibble them and see what reaction you get. If your partner is ticklish like Joy, you’ll trigger a few gasps of laughter and a lot of wiggling.
  5. Stop and tell you partner that you expect her to be a very good girl and to give you everything you want tonight. Move up to straddle her belly and look her in the eye. Tell her, “If you don’t obey me, I will have to discipline you.”
  6. As you say the words above, begin to tickle your partner under the arms. She will laugh, thrash and wiggle, which is why you are straddling her. Your weight will help to keep her helpless and in your control. Because of the cuffs, she will be unable to bring her arms down to stop your tickling. After a moment, stop and ask her, “Are you going to give me everything I want tonight?”
  7. Chances are excellent that you’ll receive a positive answer. If not, tickle her mercilessly until you do. Once she agrees to your general requirement to do whatever you ask, move onto specifics. Request that she do individual actions or grant you access to individual areas of her body. Examples might include “Will you show me your breasts?” or “Will you spread your legs so that I can see how wet you are?” Tickle her after each request until she is gasping out the word “yes” over and over. Once she agrees to a request, make her fulfill her promise. If she agrees that you can see her breasts, for instance, then remove her bra to expose them.
  8. After you’ve gone through several requests as described above, move to your true objective. Ask your partner to perform the act you selected before the adventure began. Because this action will be harder for her to agree to, be firm, and use tickling to enforce compliance. (However, remember that this is consensual BDSM and she has the option to say “no” and mean it!) When Joy and I acted this out, our conversation sounded something like this:
    “Will you make me come in your mouth? Will you swallow every drop–not let a single drop spill?”


    “I’ll try….I’ll try!…I’ll try my best.”

    “That’s not good enough, Joy.”


    “Yes!..Oh, God…Jake! Yes!…I will!”

    “Will you? How do I know for sure?”


    “I promise! I promise that I will! I promise!”

  9. Do not free your partner. Inform her that you expect her to do as she said she would, and that you will continue tickling her unless she does so. Then, make her fulfill her commitment. If she does not comply, resume tickling until she does.
  10. Afterwards, free your partner and hold her close. Kiss her and caress her. Praise her for doing well and remind her that she belongs to you.


I have spanked Joy literally hundreds of times, a couple times to the point of tears. I have clamped her nipples and smacked her vulva with a riding crop. And yet she dreads the idea of being tickled again more than any of these. Tickling is a powerful motivator—use it with care.

There are many ways to vary the bondage position used for this exercise, and another position may be required if you wish to focus on another part of her body. The bottoms of her feet are a notably fruitful area to consider. If you want some ideas of other ways to use tickling during an adventure, look on the internet—there are many erotic tickling movies you can view for inspiration.

Enjoy yourself,


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