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A Gift for Me?

The holidays are getting closer! I can tell because the presents have begun to arrive!

Oh, I don’t mean the ones that other people have purchased to give to Joy or I…it’s too early for that. No, I mean the ones I ordered myself!

I don’t really know why it’s so much fun to try out new playthings. We certainly have enough stocked in our toy chest already. Frankly, we could use another chest entirely–the one we have is overflowing. But fun it is, and after a fairly rough week all-in-all, I am focusing on the promise of future delight and Christmas joy (no pun intended) that they carry with them.

Now, I’m not going to divulge what I got Joy for Christmas here in this post–she would read it and find out! But I think I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to be a happy girl when she sees (and feels) what Santa brought her. That naughty Santa! Of course, a few of the items I purchased aren’t really suitable for wrapping and putting under the tree. They’re more the kind of thing that gets revealed in the playroom after dark. But that will make them all the more fun.

In our home, it’s also kind of a tradition that you’re allowed to purchase one gift for yourself for the holidays. Oh, you don’t ‘fess up to it being something you bought. You wrap it and put it under the tree, and label it as having come from somebody else…Margaret Thatcher, for instance, or Genghis Khan. “Look what the former Prime Minister bought me,” you might say when you open it. “How thoughtful that was of her! And who knew that she was into leather?”

This tradition actually came from Joy’s family (or so she says), and she has championed it all through the years of our marriage. Over time, the same principal has been extended to cover birthdays as well, and I’m expecting Valentine’s Day and our anniversary to come into scope at any time. While the selections that her alter egos purchase tend to run more to beauty supplies, clothing and/or jewelry, mine generally fall into a…darker vein.

So, there may be a gift that I purchased for myself that has arrived in the post as well. Of course, it would be one that I’d share with Joy, so hopefully we would both benefit, each in our own way. It could be sitting in its box right now, all nicely wrapped and waiting to be put out for the holiday.

Hmmmm…do you suppose Santa would be mad if we opened just one present early? Margaret Thatcher wants us to, I’m certain. Look! She wrote “Okay to open early” right here on the label…

Enjoy Yourself,


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Jake’s Christmas List

Around here, we don’t worry too much about making Santa’s “nice” list. We fare much better on the “naughty” list instead. And now that Halloween has passed, of course, it’s time for Joy and I to put together our Christmas lists.

Now, I don’t want you to think that sex and BDSM are the only things we think about! I could use some new socks as well, and I’ll make sure to add them to the vanilla Christmas list I send up to the North Pole. But this isn’t that list. No, this list is the one that gets sent to that secret mailbox…you know…the mailbox that Santa only checks around midnight, after the elves go to bed. He and Mrs. Claus probably giggle for hours reading some of the letters that people send him there, but who knows? Maybe they get a few ideas for themselves, too.

Anyway, so this is my Christmas wish list, and with a little luck Santa will bring me at least a couple of the items on it. (And Joy, if you’re looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, feel free to read on.) I thought I’d share it with you in the hopes that it might inspire some ideas for presents to put under your tree as well.

  • Fetish Fantasy Lightweight Spandex Open Mouth Hood
    There’s nothing quite like being kept in the dark, is there? This seems like the next logical step beyond a blindfold.
  • Black English Leather Restraints: Fur Lined
    One can never have enough leather cuffs! These appear to be both attractive and very comfortable to wear.
  • KinkLab Double-Lock Police-Style Handcuffs
    I have yet to find a pair of metal cuffs I’m happy with, but these look worth a try.
  • Strict Leather Premium Armbinders
    Impractical, I know, but there’s something so erotic about the way Joy’s breasts stick out when her arms are tightly bound behind her.
  • Remote Control Vibrating Fantasy Panties
    Never tried a pair of vibrating panties, and they might be fun for date night one of these days.
  • Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps
    I have a sneaking suspicion Joy might like these. She certainly enjoys vibration other places!
  • Viper’s Tongue Slapper
    Let’s face it–I’m buying this mainly because of the name. Viper’s Tongue? How can I resist?
  • Seductive Black Latex Shorts
    Leather is my long time favorite, but lately I’ve been feeling this urge to see what Joy looks like in latex.
  • Latex Swing Dress
    Oh, now we’re talking! A latex dress! And such a cool mixture of 50’s sock hop and seduction! Gotta love the pink one!
  • Rubber Corset Dress
    This one looks both sexy and functional. Laces up the back do it for me everytime!
  • Spanking Pencil Skirt with Back Zipper
    We don’t have a spanking skirt as yet, but I’m thinking it’s time. Joy will look so good over my knee in this!
  • Locking Hasp Corset
    I want a waist-cincher that leaves Joy’s breasts and behind completely unencumbered.
  • Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo
    I’ve been seeing wedges like this for years and never tried one. I like the way this one has built in connection points!
  • Rocket Body Balm
    We already love our Hot Pants Flower Balm, so I thought maybe we should give Rocket Balm a try!
  • We do not have and have never tried any of these items, but they certainly look like they’d be fun. If anyone out there has advice or opinions on any of them, positive or negative, please let me know! It’s always good to be an informed shopper!

    Okay, I’ve got to stuff this in an envelope, write out the address (you have to mark if “for Santa’s eyes only” for it to go to the secret mailbox), and find a postage stamp. And I’ll remind Joy that she needs to put together her Christmas list as well, and then share it with you in the next few days. Of course, you could argue that just about everything on my list is really for Joy. But that’s actually not true. I’ll have just as much fun as she will. And aren’t joint presents the best kind?

    Enjoy yourself, and happy holidays!


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