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Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish all a happy New Year! I hope that the coming year is an excellent one for all. There are signs of both hope and fear all across the globe right now–let us keep our fingers crossed that hope prevails.

And in the meantime, how about if we proclaim 2013 as the year of kinky sex? Sounds like a good plan to me!

Joy and I each made resolutions to each other last night. Joy resolved to face up to her desires rather than hiding from them, to be more willing to try new things that intimidate her, and to make a greater effort to submit, even when she isn’t feeling like she wants to. My resolutions were to do a better job holding Joy accountable for transgressions, even small ones (always an issue for me) and to not only take charge more firmly, but to insist on submission when Joy pushes back. I thing our resolutions compliment each other, so hopefully we can provide mutual support.

How successful we are with these resolutions will likely be good fodder for a future post! In the meantime…

…Enjoy yourself,


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On the Eve of Christmas

Joy and I have just returned from a pre-holiday trip to visit family. We had a nice time, and I left the dregs of my cold back in the city we visited (hopefully not with my family members!). Now we are home again, the Christmas tree lights are lit, we have a fire going in the fireplace, and all is right with the world. Shortly we’ll be snuggled all warm in our bed…well, okay, maybe a little longer than “shortly”. We may have a small Christmas Eve adventure planned first…

You see, my family always had a tradition that you could open one, small Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. It’s because we kids whined so much that my mom and dad felt the only way to get any peace was to cave and let us open one gift. And cave they did, probably when I was about five years old, and of course once that step was taken there was no taking it back, so it became a family tradition. Every year we could open one small gift the night before Christmas.

Joy and I have carried on that tradition. However, with the advent of BDSM in our marriage, and my own fondness for tools and toys, we’ve modified things slightly. Now, on Christmas Eve, the rule in our house is that we open one of those kinds of gifts together. And once the wrapping paper has been removed…well, how could we not try it out?

I suspect Joy will like her Christmas Eve gift this year. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it, too. In fact, we may just find it mutually satisfactory!

Shoot…hope St. Nick doesn’t peer in the window as he makes his rounds tonight. Joy and I will make the naughty list for sure if he does…

Hope all who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one, and happy holidays to those who don’t. Take care, and…

…Enjoy Yourself!


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Jake’s 2013 Christmas List

It’s been a rather Christmas-focused weekend around here at LCSB. We attended an office holiday party, did some joint baking in the kitchen (traditional Christmas cookies from Joy’s side of the family), wrapped gifts and did a little shopping. It’s cold so we had a fire in the fireplace each night, and it was pretty sitting in the living room with the tree lights on and the flames burning on the hearth. A little eggnog, one of the aforementioned Christmas cookies, and then off to bed. What more could anyone want?

There is only a little over a week left before Santa comes down the chimney bearing gifts, and therefore it’s imperative to have one’s Christmas list complete. Else, how will the old Elf know what to pack on his sleigh? With that in mind, I’ve finished up the “adult” section of my list for this year, and I thought I’d share.

Bear in mind that like any list for Santa, this is a wish list. Santa won’t be bringing all of these items, but I think it’s important for him to have a selection from which to choose when he decides what to leave under the tree, don’t you? Any of the gifts listed here would be welcome. And as for those that he does not leave…well, perhaps I’ll have to take matters into my own hands come spring.

Anyway, here is Jake’s Christmas list for 2013:

  • Hood with built-in blindfold: We have a spandex hood already, and the depersonalization and anonymity it provides can be very useful, but one of the drawbacks is that it lets in too much light. While it’s not transparent, it’s translucent, and Joy can see shapes and movement when she wears it. Because of that, I often blindfold her before I put it on. However, this model comes with a blindfold built right in! Sounds like it has to be an improvement!
  • Better locking cuffs: There’s a certain magic in the idea that Joy really can’t escape from her cuffs, and the click of the padlock locking always adds a nice touch of atmosphere to a “strict” evening. However, the locking cuffs we have are a little abrasive around the edges, so I’m looking for a softer leather. Hopefully these will fill the bill!
  • Bondage Tethers: I’m not a rope guy. I can admire the artistic way that the experts can weave a web to hold their partners, but for me…well, it takes too long. For me, the bondage is a means to and end, rather than the end itself. Therefore, I tend to stick to cuffs and chains. However, while chain brings a solid and unbreakable feeling to the adventure, it’s not particularly easy to adjust the length or take up slack in a bondage situation. These tethers are adjustable and hopefully will fill in during those situations when chain isn’t the best option.
  • “Hitching Post” (BDSM Furniture): Clyde makes so many fun and interesting pieces of BDSM furniture–I had to include one on my wish list. Out of all of them, I think the hitching post is the one that most catches my fancy. Not exactly sure where we’d put it–the playroom’s already crowded enough–but I’m sure it could fit in somewhere!
  • Flogger by Conina: Joy and I are flogger novices, but we’ve been experimenting, and I think it’s time to upgrade our equipment. How better to do that than purchase a handmade flogger from Conina? There are so many lovely models to choose from! I think this one is my favorite.
  • Viper’s Tongue Slapper: I’m always in the market for implements to create new and interesting sensations on Joy’s backside, and this just may do the trick. Hard to tell from the picture whether it will be severe or not, but the name and the description both bring the word “sting” to the forefront of the mind.
  • Tawse: Speaking of spanking implements, I’ve wanted an English Tawse for awhile. Not sure what the magic is here, but it looks like it might be rather effective. Anyway, feel free to slip this in my stocking, Santa!
  • Nipple Hugger Nipple Clamps: This particular item was a reader suggestion, and is unlike anything Joy and I own. The sweet part about this pair of nipple clamps is that they appear to be wearable long-term and out and about. I can just picture adding these to our “date night” costume collection. Joy will be both excited and terrified.
  • I was going to add a refill of our favorite sensitizing lotion, Flower Balm by Hot Pants, when I realized to my horror that it appears to have been discontinued! If anyone has a recommendation on another, effective sensitizing lotion for women, please let me know. Joy will be most appreciative!

    Enjoy yourself,


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Top Ten Reasons to Become a Dominant

And now, by popular demand…okay, well, truth be told, it was only two readers, and they both more “asked” than demanded, but whatever, I’m going to go with it anyway…by popular demand, here’s the followup to my earlier list of the top ten reasons to become a submissive. Naturally, it is the Top Ten Reasons to Become a Dominant!

  1. When it comes to orders, it’s better to give than to receive.
  2. Lets you grant new life to those old ping pong paddles laying in the garage.
  3. Genuflection always kind of got you off…
  4. You secretly believe your significant other would benefit from the occasional spanking.
  5. You can finally, finally make sure those damn granny panties end up in the trash.
  6. Sometimes the best way to stop the nagging is to start the gagging.
  7. You get to keep the “Master” but lose the “bater”!
  8. Lets you replace your “honey-do” list with a “honey-do-me!” list.
  9. Gives you the perfect trump card to play in the never-ending battle for the TV remote!
  10. Always wanted an opportunity to say, “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you” with a straight face.

Now, back to holiday preparations. Joy and I are on our way to get a Christmas tree tonight. Ho, Ho, Ho everyone!

Enjoy yourself,


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Top Ten Reasons to Become a Submissive

With apologies to David Letterman, here is a list of the top ten reasons to become a submissive…

  1. “Hey, I look good in leather!”
  2. There’s nothing like a good spanking to reset the guiltometer to zero.
  3. You never have to choose the restaurant.
  4. “It’s not my fault! I was just doing what I was told!”
  5. If you call them all “Master” you never have to remember their name.
  6. Being tied to the bed gives you a good excuse for a nap.
  7. “Corsets make me look thinner.”
  8. Less laundry when you aren’t permitted to wear panties.
  9. Frequent kneeling firms your calves.
  10. “Yes” is always so much easier!

Hope all had a good weekend! Enjoy yourself,