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Car Wash Challenge

Here it is mid-March, and the nice weather is making me think of spring rituals. You know, things like planting flowers, grilling out on the deck, and of course, getting the car washed. After a long winter full of mud and salted roads, a good car wash is essential to welcome in the warmer weather, right?

There’s a car wash that I sometimes go to down the road. It’s one of those fully-automated, mechanical ones that some gas stations have put in. You fill up the tank, and as you finish, the pump asks you if you want to wash your car. If you answer yes, it bills your card for the wash plus the gas, and then gives you a secret code. You pull up to the entrance to the wash building around back, enter the code on a keypad, and the entry gate opens and you can drive in. The water sprays turn on, the brushes and buffers spin up, and washing begins. A couple minutes later you drive back out again with a clean(er) car.

“Why am I reading about car washes?” you may be asking yourself. “Spring or no, I kinda thought Jake usually wrote about a different kind of subject matter.”

But see, here’s the thing. While you’re in the wash, sitting in your car surrounded by spraying water and spinning brushes, it’s actually kind of a private environment. Oh, only semi-private; the world goes on all around you, but for a couple, brief moments, while the wash is in operation, there is peace and a feeling of being cut off from the external world, isolated behind your car doors. It’s only for a couple minutes, mind you. After that, the wash ends, the splashing water shuts down, the entryway lights up, and anyone behind you waiting to get in begins honking their horn if you don’t move.

And that, of course, brings me to the challenge…the Car Wash Challenge.

Assuming that you have a car wash such as I described above within driving range, you can present your partner with the challenge, if you’re so inclined. Here are the rules–they are pretty simple:

  1. The challenge begins once the car wash has been activated by entering the key code…starting earlier is cheating.
  2. The passenger must bring the driver to orgasm. You can set any rules about how they’re allowed to do this that you want—for Joy and I for instance, the rule was that she was not allowed to use her hands.
  3. The driver shall not move his car out of the car wash until the passenger has made them come. This applies whether or not there is anyone else waiting in line, even if they honk their horn.

As I said, the rules are pretty simple, but you can see the fun to be had here. The atmosphere is private enough to make the challenge practical, but at the same time, public enough to add a thrill. There’s a built-in time limit, and should time expire, the challenge becomes more onerous because others might begin to pay attention to what is happening.

Joy likes to be challenged. She takes pride in overcoming whatever challenge life, or her husband, hands her. And she rose to the occasion of this particular challenge quite admirably. Oh, I didn’t make it too difficult for her. You know, we men have at least a little control over how easily we come, and I did what I could to help the process along quickly for her sake, but to be honest, her mouth is so warm and skillful anyway, she didn’t have much trouble. She finished me off only a few seconds after the exit light lit up, and after a moment of recovery, we drove off, with Joy wearing a smug smile (among other things) on her face, and the guy waiting in line behind us in his Audi none the wiser.

Do you think your partner (or you, yourself) can do as well? It’s up to you how much notice you give them about what you have planned. Joy is expected to always be ready and available, so I didn’t say anything until I had the code in hand and was about to enter it onto the keypad. Think you can handle the car wash challenge? There’s only one way to find out. Feel free to share your adventure via comment below if you’d like! Happy spring, and as always…

Enjoy yourself,


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The Art of BDSM

You might have noticed by now that I kind of like drawings and paintings of BDSM and bondage. It’s amazing how many of these exist, even if you exclude those done since the libertine 60’s! A bound and helpless figure, particularly when only scantily clothed, has appealed to the prurient interest in just about all generations past, and that interest has been memorialized by many artists. For a quick treat, I thought I’d share a few works of BDSM art for your viewing pleasure. This way we can look at hot pictures and yet tell ourselves that we’re actually being highbrow because it’s art!

Let’s start with Paul Gustave’s conception of Andromeda from Greek Mythology
A little Female Domination, circa 1930
Illustrations from pulp magazines of the 1940s and ’50s are a particularly rich vein to mine–witness this John Willie work.
And let’s close with this cartoon illustration, which is one of my favorites. They had ball gags even back in 1913.

See, it’s an art and history lesson all in one! Don’t you feel educated?

Enjoy yourself,


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It’s the Little Things

You know, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference…

  • Asking your partner, “Are you comfortable?” before you apply the business end of the crop to her upturned bottom
  • Working that last inch of slack out of the corset laces before you tie them off
  • Making certain that the wrist cuffs match the ankle cuffs, because you wouldn’t want her not to match
  • Adding the word “please” to make an instruction sound a bit more polite: “Now open your legs, please, so that I can be certain you came out without your panties”
  • Thoughtfully brushing away a stray hair that has gotten into your partner’s mouth right before you come in it
  • Tightening the nipple clamps that final turn
  • Adding a smiley when you text your partner to tell her she’s earned a demerit
  • Reminding your partner that it’s her responsibility to count, and it’s not your fault if she’s lost track and you have to start over
  • Inserting the penis gag carefully so as not to smudge her lipstick
  • Trying to even out the spanks so that neither cheek is left feeling neglected
  • Using your finger to trace a heart shape in the semen you just left on her belly
  • Never for a minute doubting that she can always come one more time if you push just the right buttons
  • Holding her close and telling her how much you love her before you fall asleep

Enjoy yourself,


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Top Ten Reasons Not to Post on Your Blog

  1. Work sucks!
  2. Wife is not in a good place right now.
  3. Too many vanilla social obligations.
  4. Honey-do list is longer than the honey-do-me list
  5. You are not in a good place, either!
  6. Did I mention that work sucks?
  7. Nasty cold virus insinuates itself into household
  8. Stomach virus–entirely separate from the cold virus mentioned above–enters the home on a perpendicular course, so that each member of the household has their own separate disease, right up to the day in which they swap
  9. Right after work stops sucking, it immediately starts to blow.

    And, of course, the top reason not to post on your blog…

  10. Zzzzzzz….

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By My Math…

…this post is worth about five thousand words. And that’s good, because I’m afraid I have no time right now for writing! About all I can do tonight is share a few pictures that I came across in my virtual travels (plus a few snarky comments in the captions). For one reason or another, each caught my fancy. Hope you enjoy them!

I love the expression on her face. She does not look very pleased to be having her picture taken!

This is a particularly rewarding form of leash training

Perhaps this stockade will be my next DIY bondage project.

I have always wanted to host a dinner party where the guests had a blonde for the appetizer, a brunette for the main course, and a red head for dessert…

My bet? Well, I guess I’ll just have to put up my wife’s panties…

Enjoy yourself,


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