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Friday Adventure Recipe (Christmas Edition) – Spanking and Coming

Recipe for Spanking and Coming

Okay, push has come to shove. Tonight’s the night when people really find out whether they are on the naughty list or the nice list! Will Santa be kind or deliver nothing but lumps of coal?

Of course, in reality, everyone belongs on both lists. We are all nice sometimes, and at other times…well, let’s just say that everyone has their moments. This recipe will enable you to illustrate that point to your submissive partner, as it mixes punishment and reward together.

The punishment, appropriately enough, will be spanking. The reward will be a ferocious orgasm. We will leverage the body’s strange capability to turn pain into sexual excitement to ensure that the intensity of the experience is greater than the sum of its two parts. To add to the excitement, we will also introduce a strong element of helplessness. Ho ho ho!

As usual, I write from the point of view of a male Dominant with a female submissive partner, but you could easily adjust this exercise to fit other relationship configurations if required.

You Will Need:

  • One spanking implement of your choice (could be your hand if you prefer)
  • One large pillow, suitable for placing under the hips of your submissive partner
  • One set of wrist cuffs
  • One set of ankle cuffs
  • One collar
  • One gag (optional)
  • A bed (hopefully you have one of these!)
  • Three adjustable ties
  • Four snap hooks
  • Three connection points, one centered on the headboard of your bed, and one placed at each of the bottom corners of the bed.
  • Your absolute best-est vibrator suitable for clitoral stimulation (the more effective, the better–I suggest a Magic Wand style, but other types can also work)


Place the spanking implement and the vibrator out of sight, but no harm in leaving the other equipment in plain view. For this adventure, I suggest that you start with your partner fully clothed–part of the fun is that you are going to surprise them. You, too, can wear your street clothes, but the addition of a Santa hat placed at a jaunty angle on your head is a nice touch that can help your partner get in the proper holiday spirit.

Note that we will be using the collar as a connection point rather than just for ornamental purposes in this scene. Care must be taken to ensure that at no point your partner is at risk of choking, and do not leave them alone once you have attached their collar.

  1. Find your partner, wherever she may be in the house. Politely, but insistently, interrupt whatever she is doing, and guide her to the bed where you have made your preparations.
  2. Once there, place the cuffs on her hands and use a snap hook to connect them behind her back. Don’t answer any questions, and ignore any protestations (unless, of course, the safe word is employed). If using, insert the gag into your partner’s pretty mouth and buckle it in place to cut off any further dialog–we don’t need any conversation from this point forward. Buckle the collar around her delicate neck.
  3. Unfasten your partner’s pants and remove them (if she’s wearing a skirt, you can leave it on if desired). Remove your partner’s panties so that she is naked from the waist down.
  4. Place the pillow horizontally across the middle of the bed, then firmly escort your partner forward onto the bed, so that she lays face down, with her head about a foot from the headboard and her hips over the pillow. You should end up with a lovely view of her upturned bottom, raised up slightly by the pillow underneath it.
  5. Use the first adjustable tie to connect the ring on your partner’s collar to the connection point on the headboard. Remove slack, but do not pull tight–you want to be sure there is no restriction to your partner’s breathing. The goal here is to keep your partner’s head down and oriented toward the headboard, nothing more.
  6. Place the ankle cuffs around your partner’s ankles and buckle them tightly. Use the remaining adjustable ties to connect each ankle to the corresponding connection point at the bottom corners of the bed. Remove excess slack in the ties–pull them relatively tight. You should end up with your partner’s legs fastened so that they are spread apart and she cannot close them.
  7. At this point, your partner should be bound face down over the pillow, with her hands fastened behind her back and her naked bottom raised and ready. Explain to your partner that while you are no elf, you are assisting Santa this year, specifically when it comes to evaluating your partner’s conduct. You have found her to have been both naughty and nice at various times over the course of the year, and therefore you will be administering both punishment and pleasure.
  8. Take a moment to admire your partner’s behind. Caress it, kiss it, run your fingers up between her legs. The goal here is to create “interest” before you begin in earnest. Check to see if she is wet, and use your hand and fingers to build her excitement as desired.
  9. Now, locate your spanking implement, and begin the “punishment”. Feel free to deliver a Christmas lecture if you desire–something about giving, consideration of others, thinking positive…whatever you feel is appropriate. Spank to the taste of you and your partner, but remember that we want at least some pain here. As your partner’s level of arousal increases, the pain and pleasure will tend to mix and become one, but the pain component must be present for this to occur.
  10. Now, take a brief pause in the spanking, and introduce the vibrator. Place it exactly where your partner likes it most and let it work it’s magic. Under no circumstance should you allow her to come, but you can get her heading firmly in the right direction.
  11. Give the vibrator a rest and return to the spanking for a moment or two. Then return to the vibrator. For the next several minutes, take turns first spanking, then pleasuring your partner with the vibrator. Be careful, though–we still want to be sure there are no orgasms!
  12. When you are ready, begin simultaneously spanking and pleasuring your partner. Use one hand to employ the spanking implement, and the other to hold the vibrator in the right position. You will likely find that your partner can now handle more pain than usual, so it may be best to increase the ferocity of the spanking a bit.
  13. When your partner begins to come (note that I do not say “if”), don’t stop. Keep spanking and keep the vibrator on her clitoris, no matter how she bucks and heaves and whimpers. Keep going until you are convinced she can absolutely handle no more.
  14. Stop the spanking and remove the vibrator. Unfasten your pants, unlimber your penis and immediately take your pleasure in your partner. You may go into either her front or back door–the choice is yours. Enjoy her thoroughly!
  15. When you are done, unbind your partner and pull her close. Hold her tight and tell her what a wonderful Christmas present she is, and how grateful you are to have her. Likely she will be completely spent and require some time to gather herself–this would be an excellent time for a nice holiday nap together.


Clearly this does not need to be a holiday adventure–you could easily remove the Christmas elements and enjoy it any time during the year. You could also forgo the collar entirely by connecting your partner’s hands to the headboard instead of behind her back–that would certainly work, but I have to say that I, personally, would miss the magic sight of Joy’s hands twisting futilely in their cuffs as she comes and comes. Also, the addition of an anal plug can add an extra “zing” to the scene if desired.

Enjoy yourself, and merry Christmas!


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On the Eve of Christmas

Joy and I have just returned from a pre-holiday trip to visit family. We had a nice time, and I left the dregs of my cold back in the city we visited (hopefully not with my family members!). Now we are home again, the Christmas tree lights are lit, we have a fire going in the fireplace, and all is right with the world. Shortly we’ll be snuggled all warm in our bed…well, okay, maybe a little longer than “shortly”. We may have a small Christmas Eve adventure planned first…

You see, my family always had a tradition that you could open one, small Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. It’s because we kids whined so much that my mom and dad felt the only way to get any peace was to cave and let us open one gift. And cave they did, probably when I was about five years old, and of course once that step was taken there was no taking it back, so it became a family tradition. Every year we could open one small gift the night before Christmas.

Joy and I have carried on that tradition. However, with the advent of BDSM in our marriage, and my own fondness for tools and toys, we’ve modified things slightly. Now, on Christmas Eve, the rule in our house is that we open one of those kinds of gifts together. And once the wrapping paper has been removed…well, how could we not try it out?

I suspect Joy will like her Christmas Eve gift this year. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it, too. In fact, we may just find it mutually satisfactory!

Shoot…hope St. Nick doesn’t peer in the window as he makes his rounds tonight. Joy and I will make the naughty list for sure if he does…

Hope all who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one, and happy holidays to those who don’t. Take care, and…

…Enjoy Yourself!


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Jake’s 2013 Christmas List

It’s been a rather Christmas-focused weekend around here at LCSB. We attended an office holiday party, did some joint baking in the kitchen (traditional Christmas cookies from Joy’s side of the family), wrapped gifts and did a little shopping. It’s cold so we had a fire in the fireplace each night, and it was pretty sitting in the living room with the tree lights on and the flames burning on the hearth. A little eggnog, one of the aforementioned Christmas cookies, and then off to bed. What more could anyone want?

There is only a little over a week left before Santa comes down the chimney bearing gifts, and therefore it’s imperative to have one’s Christmas list complete. Else, how will the old Elf know what to pack on his sleigh? With that in mind, I’ve finished up the “adult” section of my list for this year, and I thought I’d share.

Bear in mind that like any list for Santa, this is a wish list. Santa won’t be bringing all of these items, but I think it’s important for him to have a selection from which to choose when he decides what to leave under the tree, don’t you? Any of the gifts listed here would be welcome. And as for those that he does not leave…well, perhaps I’ll have to take matters into my own hands come spring.

Anyway, here is Jake’s Christmas list for 2013:

  • Hood with built-in blindfold: We have a spandex hood already, and the depersonalization and anonymity it provides can be very useful, but one of the drawbacks is that it lets in too much light. While it’s not transparent, it’s translucent, and Joy can see shapes and movement when she wears it. Because of that, I often blindfold her before I put it on. However, this model comes with a blindfold built right in! Sounds like it has to be an improvement!
  • Better locking cuffs: There’s a certain magic in the idea that Joy really can’t escape from her cuffs, and the click of the padlock locking always adds a nice touch of atmosphere to a “strict” evening. However, the locking cuffs we have are a little abrasive around the edges, so I’m looking for a softer leather. Hopefully these will fill the bill!
  • Bondage Tethers: I’m not a rope guy. I can admire the artistic way that the experts can weave a web to hold their partners, but for me…well, it takes too long. For me, the bondage is a means to and end, rather than the end itself. Therefore, I tend to stick to cuffs and chains. However, while chain brings a solid and unbreakable feeling to the adventure, it’s not particularly easy to adjust the length or take up slack in a bondage situation. These tethers are adjustable and hopefully will fill in during those situations when chain isn’t the best option.
  • “Hitching Post” (BDSM Furniture): Clyde makes so many fun and interesting pieces of BDSM furniture–I had to include one on my wish list. Out of all of them, I think the hitching post is the one that most catches my fancy. Not exactly sure where we’d put it–the playroom’s already crowded enough–but I’m sure it could fit in somewhere!
  • Flogger by Conina: Joy and I are flogger novices, but we’ve been experimenting, and I think it’s time to upgrade our equipment. How better to do that than purchase a handmade flogger from Conina? There are so many lovely models to choose from! I think this one is my favorite.
  • Viper’s Tongue Slapper: I’m always in the market for implements to create new and interesting sensations on Joy’s backside, and this just may do the trick. Hard to tell from the picture whether it will be severe or not, but the name and the description both bring the word “sting” to the forefront of the mind.
  • Tawse: Speaking of spanking implements, I’ve wanted an English Tawse for awhile. Not sure what the magic is here, but it looks like it might be rather effective. Anyway, feel free to slip this in my stocking, Santa!
  • Nipple Hugger Nipple Clamps: This particular item was a reader suggestion, and is unlike anything Joy and I own. The sweet part about this pair of nipple clamps is that they appear to be wearable long-term and out and about. I can just picture adding these to our “date night” costume collection. Joy will be both excited and terrified.
  • I was going to add a refill of our favorite sensitizing lotion, Flower Balm by Hot Pants, when I realized to my horror that it appears to have been discontinued! If anyone has a recommendation on another, effective sensitizing lotion for women, please let me know. Joy will be most appreciative!

    Enjoy yourself,


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Merry Christmas

The past several days have been filled with holiday activities chez Jake and Joy. We’ve spent time with friends and family, wrapped gifts, eaten some wonderful food, and we’re getting ready right now for Santa’s arrival tonight. Having been placed long ago squarely on the naughty list, we’ve given up on leaving a plate of cookies, a glass of milk and a carrot for the reindeer at the foot of the chimney. Instead, at our house, Santa gets a shot of bourbon and a square of dark chocolate, while the reindeer must forage whatever they can find on our rooftop. Fortunately, past Christmases indicate that this suits Santa’s taste, so I’m confident he’ll be most appreciative and leave our stockings full despite the whole “naughty” thing.

Hope all of you out there in the blog-o-sphere have a wonderful holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas, have a merry one! If you celebrate a different holiday, hope it’s a great one as well, whichever it is.

Ho ho ho, everyone!


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Jake’s Christmas List

Around here, we don’t worry too much about making Santa’s “nice” list. We fare much better on the “naughty” list instead. And now that Halloween has passed, of course, it’s time for Joy and I to put together our Christmas lists.

Now, I don’t want you to think that sex and BDSM are the only things we think about! I could use some new socks as well, and I’ll make sure to add them to the vanilla Christmas list I send up to the North Pole. But this isn’t that list. No, this list is the one that gets sent to that secret mailbox…you know…the mailbox that Santa only checks around midnight, after the elves go to bed. He and Mrs. Claus probably giggle for hours reading some of the letters that people send him there, but who knows? Maybe they get a few ideas for themselves, too.

Anyway, so this is my Christmas wish list, and with a little luck Santa will bring me at least a couple of the items on it. (And Joy, if you’re looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, feel free to read on.) I thought I’d share it with you in the hopes that it might inspire some ideas for presents to put under your tree as well.

  • Fetish Fantasy Lightweight Spandex Open Mouth Hood
    There’s nothing quite like being kept in the dark, is there? This seems like the next logical step beyond a blindfold.
  • Black English Leather Restraints: Fur Lined
    One can never have enough leather cuffs! These appear to be both attractive and very comfortable to wear.
  • KinkLab Double-Lock Police-Style Handcuffs
    I have yet to find a pair of metal cuffs I’m happy with, but these look worth a try.
  • Strict Leather Premium Armbinders
    Impractical, I know, but there’s something so erotic about the way Joy’s breasts stick out when her arms are tightly bound behind her.
  • Remote Control Vibrating Fantasy Panties
    Never tried a pair of vibrating panties, and they might be fun for date night one of these days.
  • Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps
    I have a sneaking suspicion Joy might like these. She certainly enjoys vibration other places!
  • Viper’s Tongue Slapper
    Let’s face it–I’m buying this mainly because of the name. Viper’s Tongue? How can I resist?
  • Seductive Black Latex Shorts
    Leather is my long time favorite, but lately I’ve been feeling this urge to see what Joy looks like in latex.
  • Latex Swing Dress
    Oh, now we’re talking! A latex dress! And such a cool mixture of 50’s sock hop and seduction! Gotta love the pink one!
  • Rubber Corset Dress
    This one looks both sexy and functional. Laces up the back do it for me everytime!
  • Spanking Pencil Skirt with Back Zipper
    We don’t have a spanking skirt as yet, but I’m thinking it’s time. Joy will look so good over my knee in this!
  • Locking Hasp Corset
    I want a waist-cincher that leaves Joy’s breasts and behind completely unencumbered.
  • Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo
    I’ve been seeing wedges like this for years and never tried one. I like the way this one has built in connection points!
  • Rocket Body Balm
    We already love our Hot Pants Flower Balm, so I thought maybe we should give Rocket Balm a try!
  • We do not have and have never tried any of these items, but they certainly look like they’d be fun. If anyone out there has advice or opinions on any of them, positive or negative, please let me know! It’s always good to be an informed shopper!

    Okay, I’ve got to stuff this in an envelope, write out the address (you have to mark if “for Santa’s eyes only” for it to go to the secret mailbox), and find a postage stamp. And I’ll remind Joy that she needs to put together her Christmas list as well, and then share it with you in the next few days. Of course, you could argue that just about everything on my list is really for Joy. But that’s actually not true. I’ll have just as much fun as she will. And aren’t joint presents the best kind?

    Enjoy yourself, and happy holidays!


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