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Stocking Stuffers

Uh, oh–I just looked up and realized that time is running out! Christmas is almost here! How did I not notice until now?

The good news is that I’ve done most of my shopping already, and I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the gifts I’ve purchased for Joy. The only thing that’s left is her Christmas stocking–the one hanging from the hearth in the living room. So far,it is alarmingly empty. Hmm…what could I find for her that I know she’d like, and that is small enough to fit into a stocking? Let me think…

Bondage Tape Aha! This will fit easily! And I have this idea of trying to bind Joy’s breasts with tape…because it is sticky it won’t slip off so easily in the throes of passion, or under the tender ministrations of the riding crop. Gifting this to Joy will let me enact my nefarious plan!

Locking Anal Plug – – Joy has always had a curious fascination with this item, and while it’s a bit pricey, it may be time for me to break down and get her one. Though I suspect she may discover that it is is one of those toys for which she has a love-hate relationship, I’m quite sure she’ll thank me for it…after all, I will be the one with the key!

Lube – – Come on, who doesn’t need more lube? I don’t think we’ve tried this kind, but how can the Swiss Navy be wrong? I think it would be good to give it a go, and it ought to fit into the stocking quite easily.

Vibrating Nipple Pads – – Just happened upon these, and I suspect Joy might find them intriguing. As far as I can tell, they are not any sort of clamp, but instead stick on like pasties. I’m a little concerned about the quality of manufacturing–we’ve had a bad experience with a different, vibrating nipple toy–but it might be fun, the price is right, and they’ll fit in the stocking.

Fluttering Kiss Dual Stimuation Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment – – We love our Hitachi Magic Wand (best tool ever for forcing Joy over the edge into orgasm), and the three or four attachments we have see frequent use. This one is different, though–it flutters, and is supposed to simulate the licking sensation of a tongue. Joy will have to give a full report out after Christmas to let y’all know what she thinks.

Leather Armbinder – – Okay, you’re right–this won’t fit in the stocking. But I’ve had a fantasy about binding Joy in one of these for years! Plus it’s leather, and you know how I feel about that. Picture Joy bound strappado-style with her arms raised behind her so that her bare breasts hang free. What kinds of wicked things could I subject her to? Just imagine!

Well, this list should help the stocking situation out rather nicely, don’t you think? Of course, Joy might bring up the idea that most of these gifts are really more for me than they are for her, but I think that’s just the Grinch talking. Don’t you?

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Of Ropes and Breasts

When it comes to bondage, I’ve mentioned before that I tend to be a chains and cuffs kind of guy rather than a rope aficionado. For me, the bondage is a means to an end—I want Joy to feel helpless, and cuffs and chains (or adjustable ties) accomplish that goal effectively and efficiently. While I recognize the artistry that true rope experts can engage in with their complex webs of knots and strands, it’s simply not my cup of tea. The scent of the warm leather cuffs and the clink of the chains as Joy struggles against her bonds calls to me far more strongly that an artistic tie.

Even so, there are times when cuffs and chains simply won’t work, or at least won’t be very effective. In those situations, rope becomes the best option, and because of that, we include several lengths of bondage cord in our arsenal of equipment. The most common situation that requires me to “bust” out the rope is when I decide to bind Joy’s breasts.

Why bind Joy’s breasts, you ask? Doing so doesn’t really make her more helpless or restrain her in any way. What’s the point?

Well, there are actually several points (including two “points all her own, sitting way up firm and high” as Bob Seeger once put it).

  • The first is that it excites Joy. I confess that I’m not quite sure why this is so—I suspect it’s more the concept that her breasts are bound than any physical sensation—but the fact remains true nonetheless.
  • Second, there is no denying that the sight of Joy’s bosom nicely framed by black bondage cord is quite captivating. I definitely enjoy the view when we go this particular direction.
  • Third, the constriction of her tender flesh causes the blood to collect in her breasts, which has the interesting effect of making her nipples become even more sensitive than usual. This extreme sensitivity is highly desirable, in my opinion, regardless of whether we have sensual stimulation or something more…cruel…in mind.
  • And speaking of something cruel, the final good point is that binding Joy’s breasts provides extra support, in somewhat the same way as a bra, helping them to stand out proud from her body and framing them up nicely for the spanking I am about to deliver to them.

Yes, spanking is where we usually end up. Sometimes I use my hand, sometimes our leather slapper, sometimes even the crop or the switch, but in general, when they are bound, Joy’s breasts get a bit of slapping around before we are through. The combination of fear, pain and sexual energy excites her so—Joy is never wetter than when she gets her tits thoroughly spanked. And an added bonus is that they remain tender and therefore more sensitive than usual for a couple days afterwards, a fact that can be utilized for all kinds of fun in follow up adventures.

In most cases, binding breasts cannot be effectively done using cuffs or a chain—there’s no good way I’ve ever found to connect cuffs or chain to a female breast. However, for a reasonably busty female (Joy is a C cup), a rope is both flexible enough to wind around the body and can get enough purchase on the skin to grip a breast nicely. Problem solved!

There are several ways to bind the female breast, but as you know, I tend to favor the simple. Here’s a link to an instructional video that will show you how to create the same tie that I often use for Joy—I recommend it if this is your first time trying this form of bondage.

One other word of advice—the bosom is a tender part of a woman’s body. Rope that you buy at the grocery store or the local Home Depot isn’t necessarily made for use on delicate skin, and may easily abrade the tissue. Because of this, I suggest purchasing rope specifically made for bondage. Not only will it look nicer, but it’s designed for use up against human skin, and will keep abrasion to a minimum.

Enjoy yourself!


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New BDSM Product Review: Viper’s Tongue

Whew! The holidays are a busy time, aren’t they? Between Christmas and family obligations, and now the upcoming New Year’s Day, it’s been quite a whirlwind around here at LCSB. However, fortunately Joy and I have been able to find time after the hustle and bustle of the daylight hours to spend some “quality time” together in the playroom. And that has allowed us to experiment with some of the holiday purchases we made this year!

Because of this, expect a flurry of product reviews over the next couple weeks. As usual, each will include a picture, a brief vignette to illustrate potential uses of the product, a summary of our experiences when Joy and I have put the product into use, and an overall rating. If we judge a product ranks higher than any others of the same type that we’ve reviewed, I’ll elevate it to the “best” ranking and drop the former best product into the other options list.

First out of the gate is the Viper’s Tongue leather slapper, a wicked-looking little item I’ve been eyeing for over a year. You should read the full review for details, but I’ll share that after having finally purchased it, we have found that it definitely lives up to it’s evil appearance. Just like it’s namesake, it has quite a sting. Joy’s bottom has now been bitten by this slapper on three different occasions, and it has become one of those items that holds both cold fear and strange fascination for her. Rather severe, but recommended!

Hope every one else is having as much fun with their naughty gifts as we are! Take care, all, and…

…enjoy yourself!


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Soliciting Suggestions

I’m looking for fun ideas for Christmas presents for Joy. Well, let me clarify: I’m looking for a few, fun ideas for naughty Christmas presents for Joy and I to share this holiday season. While it’s certainly possible for me to browse the various different BDSM equipment, lingerie and sex toy sites, I thought there might be a better way to hone in on “interesting” products we might like. I thought I’d ask you for help!

Is there a vibrator that absolutely drives you crazy? Or a set of nipple clamps that sends you right over the edge? Do you have a particular paddle that you swear by, or a set of comfortable-but-inescapable cuffs that you use to make your partner helpless? If you do, or if you have some other fun toy or tool or piece of lingerie you think is great and that we might like, would you please suggest it in the comments to this post?

I’ll take a look at all suggestions–links would be appreciated if they are available. Hopefully I’ll get some good ideas to surprise Joy with! And feel free to browse other comments when you leave your own–there might be ideas for you to consider as well.

Thank you in advance to all who make suggestions! Joy and I will be very appreciative!

Enjoy yourself,


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BDSM Product Review: Dorcel Genius Secret Vibe

Just posted another new product review. This time it’s for the Genius Secret Vibe, a wireless remote, vibrating egg that Joy and I have experimented with on date nights. Though it ultimately did has not proven to be the toy we have been looking for, it is a quality product. If you’re interested in the pros and cons we found, please take a look at our full review.

Enjoy yourself,


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