I believe that there are really only three simple, effective bondage position options for genital spanking. If you decide tonight’s the night to restrain your partner, spread their legs and give them a paddling on their most sensitive areas, here’s a quick look at the three options:


  • Partner feels helpless (and frankly, is helpless) to prevent the spanking
  • A relatively severe spreadeagle like the one in the picture even prevents attempts at movement to throw off the spanker’s aim
  • Genital area is nicely exposed, though as always, narrow spanking implements (a riding crop, for instance) will work best
  • Comfortable position for the bound partner (except for the spanking part, of course)
  • Requires connection points for all four limbs
Wrists to Ankles

  • Partner cannot use their arms to prevent the spanking
  • Bound partner has more ability to move and/or close their legs to interfere with the spanking, but this can actually be a positive if the spanker wishes to require active voluntary submission to receive each blow–
    “Joy, open your legs…now ask me to please spank your pussy.”
  • Narrow spanking instruments definitely preferred
  • Comfortable position for the bound partner (again, except for the fact that they are being spanked)
  • No external connection points required
    Ball Tie (aka “diaper position” in the spanking community)

    • In a tight ball tie, the bound partner is far more helpless than you (or they) might expect
    • Legs provide leverage to control and position the bound partner’s body as the spanker desires to receive the spanking
    • Genitals are slightly less exposed than in the first two positions, as the thighs provide some slight coverage
    • No external connection points and only a single pair of cuffs required!
    • Because the genital area tends to protrude somewhat in the ball tie, this position is able to accommodate somewhat wider spanking implements if desired
    • Reasonably comfortable position for bound partner provided that the duration isn’t too long

    Of course, it’s possible to mix and match bits and pieces of other positions to good effect as well (for instance, consider an overarm tie combined with some means of tying the legs apart), and if you decide you need to venture beyond “simple”, I’m quite sure someone, somewhere has figured out a way to suspend their partner upside down with legs spread to offer a tempting target. I like simple, though, and so tend to stick with one of these three options when Joy’s pussy needs a bit of disciplinary action.

    Enjoy yourself!


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