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Friday Adventure Recipe

Recipe for Adventure: True Confessions

This week’s adventure focuses on achieving three desirable goals—reinforcing a sense of submission in your partner, revealing information for use in planning future adventures, and increasing your partner’s self-knowledge around a sexual fantasy. As usual this is written from the perspective of a male Dominant with a submissive wife, but genders and roles could easily be swapped with little to no modification required. Because it calls for the use of an anal hook, I’d suggest that this be considered an intermediate adventure, best enjoyed by those with some experience in BDSM, rather than by beginners. Remember as well that your partner must consent to participate in this or any adventure, and be certain to have a safe word in place in case it is needed.

You Will Need:

  • One pair of wrist cuffs
  • One blindfold
  • One anal hook (such as the Rope Master)
  • Lubricant suitable for inserting the anal hook
  • One narrow spanking implement, such as a riding crop
  • One snap hook
  • A short length of rope or chain (even an old necktie will do)

Note: Before beginning, ensure your partner is suitably dressed in an outfit that won’t obstruct your activities. Almost anything that leaves her full genital area bare will work. A baby doll-style nightgown would be ideal, or you could go with crotchless panties or stockings as shown in the picture. Also, to avoid letting your partner know what to expect, I suggest covering your supplies or placing them out of sight until after you apply the blindfold.

  1. Place the cuffs on your partner’s wrists, and use the snap hook to lock them together in front of her.
  2. Put the blindfold on your partner and ensure that her vision is fully blocked. This will ensure she cannot see what you have planned as you move through the adventure.
  3. Pre-heat your partner through kisses and caresses (having the cuffs and blindfold in place should add to the mood and aid in the pre-heating process). When she is at a nice simmer, have her lie on her belly as you thoroughly apply the lubricant to her anus and use your fingers to prepare her for insertion of the anal hook. Take your time and be sure she’s ready before you move forward.
  4. When your partner is relaxed and ready, carefully and slowly insert the anal hook. Ensure that the connection point opposite the inserted end lies flat on the small of her back.
  5. When the hook has been inserted and your partner is comfortable, pull her arms up over her head and back down behind the back of her neck. Use the rope (or chain or necktie) to connect her wrist cuffs to the connection point of the anal hook and remove any slack. When you’re done, your partner’s hands and arms should be stretched up and back behind her head and snugly secured to the hook buried deep in her ass, though not so tightly as to cause discomfort.
  6. Turn your partner slowly and carefully over as much onto her back as she is comfortable with (and remember she has her hands tied behind her and a hook up her behind!). Employing your hands, mouth and tongue, take her from simmer to full boil.
  7. When she is panting, it is time to begin a conversation. Use your hands to spread apart her legs, and inform her that whatever happens, she is to keep them apart. Be firm on this and be sure she understands! Then, run your hand over her body and ask her, “Who does this body belong to?” The expected answer is, of course, “To you.”
    Continue this line of questioning about specific parts of her body. “Who do these pretty lips belong to?”
    “To you.”
    “And what can I do with these pretty lips—can I kiss them?”
    “Can I fuck them?”

    Move on to other body parts and take your time as you ask more questions along the same lines. Caress each body part in turn as you go. However, save the vagina for last.

    When you are ready, ask similar questions about your partner’s vagina—“Who does this pussy belong to?” and “What can I do to it?”, etc. However, rather than caressing it with your hand, pick up the riding crop (or other narrow spanking implement) and use it to do the caressing. After asking such things as can you kiss it, and lick it, and fuck it, ask your last question. “And this pussy, can I spank it?”

    If your partner is like my wife, Joy, rather than having this question answered by a “yes”, you’ll instead receive an intake of breath followed by silence. I had to repeat the question, but in the end I got a faint reply, more of a squeak than actual words, indicating “yes”.

  8. Immediately, as soon as you hear a positive answer, spank your partner once on her vulva. Remember when you do so, however, that the vulva is very sensitive, and spank her lightly! It should be more than a gentle pat, but not more than she can handle. If she closes her legs, reinforce sternly that you expect her to keep them open. Then ask her again, “And can I spank it?” When she says yes, do so.
  9. Now we reach the information gathering portion of the adventure. Ask your partner, “What else will this fine body do for me? What else will it do to turn me on?” Don’t be satisfied with easy, common-place answers. Tell her, “No, I want something new, something different. What else will you do with this body to excite me?”

    Your goal here is to elicit fantasies from your wife that she secretly wants to try, even if she’s afraid or ashamed of them. Because of that, it’s important to let her know that you might very well expect her to do whatever it is she tells you at some point in the future. That way you should receive real answers. When you get an answer that doesn’t satisfy you (perhaps it’s an easy answer, e.g. “make you come”, or perhaps it’s simply “I don’t know!”), spank your partner’s vulva. When you get a good answer, something that’s new, or different, or unexpected, encourage her with kisses and caresses as a reward. Periodically use your hands, lips and tongue to keep her excitement level high, and the crop to keep the tension up.

    If you have a particular fantasy in mind that you believe your wife is attracted to, feel free to steer the conversation. For instance, when Joy and I originally enacted this, I suspected (based on several pieces of evidence) she had a secret yen to be with another woman. That’s the line of questioning I pursued—“Would you kiss another woman?” was my first question along those lines, followed by, “And where would you kiss her?” Once you find a topic that has some potential, ask more questions around it, so that your partner has to elaborate about what they will do for you. Use the crop for motivation as necessary, and remind her she must keep her legs apart as necessary.

  10. When you feel you’ve gotten enough information and wrung loose sufficient confessions, change over into whatever sexual activity you like. I have found it perfectly possible to have vaginal intercourse even with an anal hook in place, and choosing that path makes the transition easy and quick. Make sure your partner enjoys herself—she’s just submitted to you both mentally and physically, and she deserves to have a very nice reward! When you are done, free your partner and focus on aftercare and tenderness. This particular adventure is stressful, and therefore emphasis on aftercare is required.


One of the great beauties of this adventure is that it gathers intelligence on your partner’s fantasies that you can then use to plan more adventures. Joy has a hard time confessing her desires, even to herself. Following the steps I mapped out above helped us to get past that for one specific fantasy (being with another woman), and I’ve used similar ideas at other times to help her to tell me things she wants to try but is afraid to admit.

Please bear in mind that you are NOT trying to force your partner to tell you their secret desires here, but instead using the trappings of coercion to create a feeling that she has no choice but to confess them, and thereby help her to get past the inhibition/embarrassment/fear that might normally get in the way. In other words, you’re creating a situation where your partner can pretend, both to you and to herself, that she is compelled to tell you, and therefore she can allow herself to do so. This may seem like a subtle difference, but it’s an extremely important one and lies at the heart of many consensual BDSM practices and activities.

The True Confessions scenario requires submission from your partner on multiple levels. First they must submit to bondage with an anal hook, which creates a severe feeling of helplessness. Second, they must submit continually by keeping their legs apart even when they are fully aware that you will spank their pussy. And finally, they must submit by offering up a hidden fantasy to you when you require it. Because of the level of submission, it is stressful and requires a delicate touch or things could easily go wrong. Be sensitive to your partner and don’t give her more than she can handle. If she needs to bail out, let her do so and skip directly to the last step.

Variations on this theme would involve changing the bondage setup, perhaps by replacing the anal hook with some other means of binding your partner’s hands out of the way or by deciding to bind her legs apart (personally, I like making Joy choose to keep them open, but the option is yours). It would also be possible to skip the spanking entirely and simply use pleasure and excitement as a lever to try to obtain information about a fantasy from her if you prefer.

Enjoy yourself,


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Enjoy Yourself,


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