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This Weekend’s Letter is the Letter B

This weekend, for Joy and I, revolves around the second letter of the alphabet, the letter “B”.

“B” can stand for so many things! Balloons, birthdays, bonfires and bologna all begin with it. But as you might recall from last week, here at our house, we are focused on two particular topics in our alphabetical tour: cocktails and BDSM. So that narrows the field a bit, doesn’t it?

On the cocktail side, we are serving Boston Golds, which are made by adding a touch of banana to the more commonplace Screwdriver. Here’s the recipe in case you decide you’d like to taste one yourself:

Boston Gold

  • One oz. Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. Creme de Banana
  • Orange Juice

Pour the vodka and banana liqueur into a highball glass over ice. Fill with orange juice, stir and serve.

The BDSM side of the equation is a bit trickier. The obvious choice, of course, would be bondage, but not only is it too obvious, but Joy and I have not yet worked our way back to where she is ready for cuffs and chains. Therefore, our BDSM “B” tonight will stand for Ben Wa Balls.

We actually have a couple different sets of Ben Wa Balls, but there’s one particular set that Joy favors. Rather than the individual balls being connected by a cord, instead this set has a variety of sizes of balls, and each is connected to the other by a firm, but flexible, plastic stem. It is made to be used in Joy’s rear entrance, and with a bit of lubrication, the plastic has enough rigidity to allow the balls to be inserted nice and deep. After proper warm up, Joy dearly loves to have the balls thrust in and out of her tight behind, each ball’s passage requiring her bottom to open and then close again around the narrow stem once it is through. Add in a little judicious use of a good vibrator, and there will be no stopping the orgasms.

Properly speaking, these might better be termed “anal beads” than Ben Wa Balls, but since beads begins with the letter “B” also, I’m feeling that it passes muster.

So, Boston Golds and Be Wa Balls will constitute the two main events for B weekend. We have company coming over for dinner, so we’ll be sharing the cocktails, and the Ben Wa Balls will be enjoyed later, in private. Strictly through coincidence, dinner is a barbecue, and we’re grilling burgers. Perhaps in between we’ll watch a B-movie, or crank up some of my old B-52’s CDs for a listen. It’s a plethora of “B”s all around!

Enjoy yourself,


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A Is for…

Back in the days “BJ” (before Joy), I used to drink a lot more alcohol than I do today. Joy tells me that the same is true for her. I’m not sure why we cut back when we got married, but nowadays I pretty much limit myself to one beer or a single glass of wine a couple nights a week, and while Joy doesn’t generally care for the same types of alcoholic refreshment that I do, the amount of her intake is approximately the same.

However, I was thinking the other night about the world of fun-and-interesting cocktails out there, and it occurred to me that we ought to give some of them a go. I broke out my old bartender’s guide that I’ve had since college, started browsing, and just like that, an idea was born. I do the cooking for the two of us on weekends anyway, so I figured one weekend night each week, we’d have cocktail hour before dinner. And I’d make a different cocktail to try each week. To get us off to a good start, I decided that we will work our way through the alphabet, letter by letter, beginning with “A”.

When I ran the idea by Joy, she was an interested proponent. Her suggestion of “appletini” to start us off would certainly have worked, but of course it was her suggestion, and this whole thing was my idea, and therefore appletinis became non-starters the second the words left her mouth. I let her know I’d think about what drink we’d have and surprise her during our first, official, cocktail hour.

About twenty-four hours later, it occurred to me that I could take this idea one step further. After all, there was no reason that I needed to stop the alphabetical theme with just the cocktail. Why not plan a tour of something else in a-b-c order, too…something a bit more intimate? That might be even more fun!

And so, tonight is dedicated to the letter “A” at Jake and Joy’s house. Oh, Joy doesn’t know it yet…well, other than the cocktail part…but I’m quite sure she’ll play along. For our cocktail hour, we are drinking “Alexander’s Sisters”. Joy loves mint flavors, and this variation on the famous Alexander cocktail seemed likely to please her.

But what else does “A” stand for at our place tonight? Well, that would be one of Joy’s favorite activities…anal sex. To provide more detail, tonight I plan to penetrate Joy’s anus with her anal vibrator and play with her until she is thoroughly aroused. I will turn her face down over a pillow, withdraw the anal vibrator and insert my own appendage into her tight little asshole. Once inside I will ride her squirmy little bottom until she makes me come deep inside her sweet ass.

Can you tell that I have already sampled one or two of Alexander’s Sisters?

Oh…it just occurred to me that you might want to play along at home. If so, you already know the plan about the anal sex (don’t tell Joy!). However, here’s the recipe for the cocktail.

Alexander’s Sister

  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz creme de menthe
  • 1 oz table cream
  • Sugar to taste if desired

Shake all ingredients with ice, pour into a cocktail glass and serve.

There! That’s all you need to know to celebrate the letter “A” this weekend! Feel free to enjoy. I know I will!

Thinking ahead, some letters will be harder than others, and probably we’ll eventually run into difficulties with this idea. I have no clue what we’ll do when we get to “Q”, for instance! But next weekend, of course, we have the letter “B” coming up. I’ve already got some interesting ideas for that one…

Enjoy Yourself,


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