** Best Locking, Leather Wrist Cuffs **

Renee’s hands stretched out above her head. The leather cuffs that encircled her wrists secured them to the bedframe. She caught her breath as Steve began to unbutton her blouse.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Steve stopped his unbuttoning, leaving the top of her white bra partly exposed. He picked a small padlock up from the nightstand and placed it on the buckle of her left cuff. Renee heard the sound of the lock clicking shut. Renee watched as he repeated this action with the buckle on her right wrist. “Now there’s no getting that cuff off until I say it can come off,” he remarked as he resumed his unbuttoning task, fully exposing the lacy cups of her bra and the bumps of her protruding nipples.

Jake’s Thoughts: These simple, basic wrist cuffs bring a nice feature to the party, and that feature convinced me to buy them for Joy. They have a buckle that fits a small padlock which enables them to be locked into place. When the padlock is closed, the buckle cannot be opened and the cuffs cannot be removed without the key.

The cuffs themselves are made of black leather, with an extra wrap around feature to ensure they stay securely in place even if the wearer struggles against them. Fastening them around a wrist can be slightly counter-intuitive—the extra wrap around makes it a little complicated–but once you play with them a bit you see how to do it. Aside from this, the only quibble (and it’s a fairly minor one) that we have with these is that the leather isn’t as supple as it could be, and therefore they can chafe the wearer’s wrist if pulled tight.

These are, however, well-constructed, budget-friendly cuffs, and the do the job they were made for at a reasonable price. If you have a desire for locking cuffs, these will work well, and not empty your wallet. Recommended.

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Metal and black leather are a classic combination--they create a serious ambiance
Strong and highly functional, the only concern is that they aren't the most comfortable cuffs to wear
The black leather looks forbidding, and the locking buckle takes the severity up a notch
Locks are just the thing when you want to create the feeling of inescapability


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