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”Give me your hands, Brandon. Give them to me!” Shelly reached out as she spoke, grasping his arms and pulling them back behind him. Brandon felt cold metal against the skin of his forearms. He heard a quiet ratcheting sound, and felt the smooth, unyielding grasp of the cuffs close around his wrists.

Shelly smiled a wicked smile as she spun him around to face her. “See this key, Brandon?” She reached out and grasped his face with one hand, pinching the flesh of his cheek between her thumb and forefinger. “See it? Take a good look. Without it, those cuffs won’t open, will they?”

She placed the key on a high shelf—far higher than he could reach with his arms bound behind him. “You won’t be seeing it again until you’re through serving me.” She put her hands on his shoulders and pressed downward.

“On your knees, Brandon. Hurry!” He moved to comply, and she lifted the front of her skirt with one hand and took a handful of his hair with the other. “And you’re going to serve me very well, aren’t you, Brandon? OPh, you are, aren’t you?”

Jake’s Thoughts: The black, metal KinkLab Double-Lock, Police-Style Handcuffs are a cut above other pairs of metal cuffs I have owned. They feel like the real McCoy—heavy duty, police-style cuffs that will not bend, break or come off your partner’s wrists once they have been locked on. Only the too-simple-to-be-real key gives a clue that they were made for purposes other than law-enforcement, and that detail can easily be overlooked, leaving the illusion intact. If you have some sort of police or prison fantasy that you want to role-play, these KinkLab Handcuffs will be wonderful props that contribute greatly to the atmosphere.

The pair of cuffs feels heavy in your hand, and the teeth that ratchet closed to secure each individual cuff hold it firmly shut. The cuff-openings are oval shaped, rather than circular, so that they fit better around a wrist. The length of chain that connects the two cuffs is short, limiting arm movement, but long enough that there’s at least a bit of flexibility to accommodate basic shifts in position.

I have given the KinkLab Double-Lock, Police-Style Handcuffs a “best” rating above because they are well-made, fully functional, and look and feel so realistic. However, I have to say that having used them a time or two has only confirmed my personal preference for leather cuffs over those made of metal. My goals in purchasing these were to find a way to secure Joy’s hands quickly when necessary (leather cuffs are great, but fastening individual buckles isn’t particularly quick) and to try out a higher-level metal handcuff to see if better quality would change my opinion.

These cuffs meet the first goal partially—the ratchet mechanism is quick to close—but because the cuffs are not circular, it becomes important to position them correctly around each list before locking them shut. This positioning takes a bit of extra time, but failing to do so makes for a highly uncomfortable experience for the bound partner! Therefore, while quicker to put on than leather cuffs, they aren’t as ideal as I’d hoped.

My primary issue with metal cuffs has always been the comfort factor for the wearer. The experience Joy and I have had with the KinkLab Handcuffs has done nothing to alleviate that concern. The bottom line is that metal is hard and inflexible, and because of that, even when edges are rounded and the cuffs are well-made, metal cuffs will not be comfortable for the wearer in many positions. It also should be pointed out that because they require a key to open and can’t be opened without it, these cuffs can be a safety risk. If the key is lost or for some reason inaccessible, the wearer won’t be able to escape. For all of these reasons, the KinkLab Handcuffs will likely go into the bottom drawer of our toy chest and be pulled out for use only rarely.

However, neither Joy nor I are you. Many people like metal cuffs, often for the exact reasons that I don’t prefer them! If you like realistic metal cuffs, and especially if you want to role-play some sort of law-enforcement scene, I believe that the KinkLab Double-Lock, Police-Style Handcuffs are an excellent purchase.

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The realistic look make these an excellent prop for role-playing and adds greatly to atmosphere
Heavy, black steel promises that this set of cuffs will last
Because of the realist look and the heaviness of the construction, these cuffs feel quite severe
As long as you're willing to forego comfort for the wearer, theses cuffs can be quite entertaining!


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