** Best Basic Leather Ankle Cuffs **

“Let’s get these on good and tight,” he said as he fastened the buckles to the cuffs around her ankles. “We wouldn’t want you to be able to slip out of them!”

“Why?” she asked with a note of playfulness in her voice. “Do you have big plans?” Her hands were already secured over her head.

He didn’t answer for a moment, saving his concentration for putting the cuffs on. He fastened a short length of chain to her left ankle cuff, and then turned to look at her. “You’ll see,” he promised, and then pulled the chain back to fasten it to the same connector that held her left wrist, drawing her leg back up high in the air over her head. Her panties stretched tight over her crotch.

“Umm…” The playfulness had left her voice. “Are you…” He pulled her right leg up and back to attach it over her head as well. “Michael!”

“Now we’re in business,” he remarked, sliding his hands down her thighs towards the moisture between her legs.

Jake’s Thoughts: These ankle cuffs are sturdy and attractive. The black leather provides a good blend of strength and comfort–Joy can wear them for long periods of time without them chafing, and at the same time, I can count on her not being able to escape from them without my permission, no matter how much she wiggles. The red hearts add a nice touch, as they do for all the other matching pieces in this bondage set (wrist cuffs, collar, blindfold and paddle).

The buckles are secure as well, and though they don’t lock, they won’t slip or come loose. The cuffs adjust to a size that enables us to use them as impromptu thigh cuffs if we choose to, but at the same time fit nicely around a slender ankle. Though these are serious bondage cuffs, they aren’t as severe as some (probably due to the hearts). But for a beginner or light-to-medium bondage, these cuffs are outstanding!

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Severity of black leather is moderated by pretty red hearts--these cuffs look great on Joy's slender ankles
Real leather that maintains its strength, appearance and functionality even after serious and lengthy use
The red hearts add a lighter touch to these serious, black leather cuffs
Binding the submissive partner's legs adds greatly to an adventure, and these cuffs do a great job!


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