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“Stephen, you’ve been a bad boy.”

“No I haven’t! I’ve been good! I’ve done everything you asked!”

“No, you haven’t. You know you haven’t.” Kelly grasped his chin in her hand and lifted his head. “Look at me!”

Stephen looked into her dark eyes, then quickly looked down again.

“Look at me!” Kelly commanded. “You know you’ve been a bad boy, don’t you?” Stephen’s eyes drifted away from her face again and she shook his head to bring them back to her. “Don’t you? Tell me!”

Stephen tried to pull his head away, but she wouldn’t let him. His eyes focused back on hers for a moment, then looked away once more. “Okay,” he mumbled. “I know. I’ve been bad.”

Like lightning Kelly bent him down over the back of the armchair. With his hands bound behind his head, he could do nothing to protect his bare ass. Her hand kept him bent over–he had no leverage to try to stand back up.

“You know you’ve been bad,” she hissed. “And I know you’ve been bad.” Her right hand raised the crop in the air–he could just catch a glimpse of movement from the corner of his eye. “So very bad!”

Jake’s Thoughts: This riding crop is simple, but effective. It’s 26″ long, has a leather handle and tip, and a graphite shaft, all of which adds up to a satisfying “thwack” when you administer a spanking. Joy and I use this when something more severe than our leather paddle is called for, and it never lets us down.

Like any crop, care must be taken during a spanking to ensure that you don’t strike too hard–the narrow shaft of the crop can easily cause welts. However, striking with the leather tip somewhat mitigates that risk. After repeated use, the crop shows no signs of wear, so the construction and materials must be sound.

The only “feature” this crop is missing that I wish it had is a wider handle. Oh, it’s not because it’s hard to grip as it is, or anything like that. Instead, it’s because during those moments where serious submission is called for, it can be fun to have Joy suck the handle of the tool that is about to give her punishment. As it is, the handle’s too thin for this to be truly effective.

That’s a very small point, however. All-in-all, this is an excellent crop, and we enjoy it very much!

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An elegant, black riding crop highlighted with silver rings at the handle
Strong, yet flexible, and the wide tip helps prevent welting
More severe than a paddle, this crop can sting
An excellent tool for adding a touch of severity to your adventure


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