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The sparking table inclined downward. Jessica lay bound face down across it, her head at the bottom and her round behind at the top. David could see her pudenda peeking out from between her plump cheeks. He patted the left cheek possessively and felt her tense at his touch, fearful of something more than a gentle hand. He smiled and let the twin “stings” of the Viper’s Tongue he held in his other hand trail across her bare skin.

A slight gasp escaped around the gag Jessica wore. Her bottom trembled and her wrists, cuffed tightly behind her back, twisted futilely in their bonds. David slid his hand up between her thighs, seeking and finding the moisture and heat between them. “Oh, there will be plenty of time to spread these legs later, Jess,” he told her as he felt her squirm and twist her hips to give him better access. “But I won’t be distracted. First we have some business to take care of. You and I both know that you need a whipping.”

Jessica whimpered at his words, and her hands struggled again against the leather bracelets that encircled her wrists. “You need a whipping and you’re going to get one, Jess,” David remarked as he withdrew his hand from her warm, moist vulva. “Struggle all you want–there’s not very much of anything you can do about it.”

Down came the Viper’s Tongue, its twin leather ends leaving stripes of red across Jessica’s pale skin. She jerked in her bonds at its contact, reflexively trying to rise from the table to escape the pain. The D-ring that held her collar and the snap hooks that secured her legs permitted her no flexibility to do more than wiggle. David drew back the lash for another stroke, hearing her breathing come in great gasps as she anticipated the coming sting. “Oh, Jess…You are so lovely when you squirm like that. Let’s see…I believe we discussed an even dozen strokes tonight. Eleven more to go…”

Jake’s Thoughts: The Viper’s Tongue lies right on the border between slapper and whip. It doesn’t have the length and flexibility of a true whip, and therefore the velocity its twin “stings” reach when it is employed doesn’t rise to the level of a true single tail, but it is still sufficient to cause considerable sting and leave red stripes across a pale buttock. Joy’s bottom after we use this tool displays a lovely pattern of red and white.

We don’t enjoy bruising after a spanking, so it’s good news from our perspective that the stripes fade away after a day or so, leaving no residual markings behind. Note that it is possible to cause bruising or welting with the Viper’s Tongue, but one really has to try. Normal usage creates striping, but little more.

On the spectrum of “thud” versus “sting”, the Viper’s Tongue plays almost exclusively on the sting side. The sting it creates can be quite ferocious if desired, and the knowledge that I choose to employ this tool creates an immediate, visible reaction in Joy. She dreads the pain, but at the same time, craves to be made to submit to it. No tool has so far proven to be better at taking her to sub-space than this one.

The Viper’s Tongue is 24” long, made of leather and has a D-ring at the end of the handle so that it can be hung up for storage. Its two stings taper to narrow, cylindrical points, like the ends of a whip. It’s fairly stiff overall and the leather is thick, so I see no reason it won’t hold up to extended use over time.

If you crave sting and are fascinated by the idea of creating serious pain without leaving serious marks, or if you are looking for a fearsome disciplinary tool for a bratty submissive, the Viper’s Tongue may be just what you need. We like it here! Recommended.

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Black leather with twin, wicked-looking stings
Real leather, and it has been well designed to deliver sting
All sting and no thud, but if desired, the sting can be fierce!
Not sure that 'fun' is quite the word for this tool, but it is definitely exciting!


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