** Best Leather Paddle **

Crack! A gasp escaped around the gag filling Andi’s mouth as the black leather of the paddle came down on the pale skin of her bottom. The sting faded into a heat that spread across the surface of her ass as Jennifer’s fingers slid gently over her and up into the moisture between her legs.

“Do you like that, my dear?” Jennifer asked, knowing that she couldn’t answer. “Do you like me to spank you?” Andi whimpered as Jennifer’s fingers found just the right spot.

Crack! Down came the paddle again, and Andi bit down on the gag to keep the cry in. Pain and pleasure mingled in a volatile mix that threatened to take her over the edge into orgasm. She felt Jennifer moving behind her, shifting so that the head of the dildo she wore could come up to press against Andi’s vulva. Andi bit down hard again as she felt Jennifer’s cock enter her vagina. She tilted her hips to give her friend a better angle and let her penetrate deeper into her welcoming body. Her orgasm was very close now.


Jake’s Thoughts: This black leather paddle looks almost innocent, but trust me when I tell you that it does the job it’s intended for. Readers of this site probably know that neither Joy nor I are heavily into the S&M side of the BDSM equation, but spanking is something we enjoy when the occasion warrants it. This paddle is our go-to toy when Joy is in the mood to play just a little rough. It will redden her rear quite nicely, but we’ve never had a problem with lasting marks or bruising.

The paddle is made of black leather with little red hearts inlaid, and is built to last. The leather is cool and smooth, and eminently suitable for caressing your partner’s soft skin right before giving it a smack! It’s surprisingly heavy for its size, which to me is an indicator of the quality with which it is made. It is part of a matching bondage set, which include wrist and ankle cuffs, a collar and a blindfold. If, like me, you find that aesthetics matters to your bondage experience, you’ll want the whole set.

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Small, but pretty, with black leather and red heart decorations
Well-made, and surprisingly heavy for its size. Reddens Joy's rear nicely, and makes a satisfying 'crack' on contact
Despite small size, the black leather and excellent performance ensure that this is not a toy!
Moderate severity is excellent for initiation into the world of spanking!


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