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Fiona reached up and touched the flogger where it hung on the wall. She wasn’t really supposed to touch Malcolm’s tools when he wasn’t there. Or, at least, she didn’t think she was supposed to…they’d never really discussed it, but he’d certainly never told her she could, and he kept most of them under lock and key. The new flogger, though, hung on the wall, and when she came in to clean, well, she could hardly miss it, could she?

She closed the bedroom door just in case he came home. Then, curious, she lifted it from its hook and let its red and black strands trail through her fingers. The rope was soft and almost silky, and only the knots tied at random intervals in each strand offered any hint at the burn it could create. Fiona knew that burn first hand–two days ago she had forgotten to wipe down the oventop, and Malcolm had bent her over the dining room table and used this very flogger to administer a reminder. She had forgotten herself for a moment and tried to resist, but he had been brutally efficient, pressing her face down across the table with one hand and flipping her skirt up over her back and dragging down her panties with the other. “Don’t you dare,” he had statedly flatly, and his words had frozen her, turned her to a statue of a girl, only the heaving of her chest betraying that she was a living woman.

The flogger had caressed her bare flesh, it’s kiss carrying only a whisper of heat with each stroke upon her upturned bottom. However, stroke had followed stroke, and the heat built and built, until her bottom burned bright red and the fire flared with each lash. When he finally decided she had learned her lesson and laid the flogger to the side to unbuckle his pants, she had been panting and inflamed with desire. His first thrust had penetrated deep into her, and she had wiggled and twisted under his weight, trying her best to move to take him as fully inside her as possible. Afterwards he had made her stand in the corner, her nose to the wall, feeling his semen trickle slowly down the inside of her leg until he’d given her leave to go.

She sighed and moistened her lips, her nipples poking out against the silky fabric of the bra she was required to wear. She’d remembered to clean the cooktop today, that was certain–she only worked every other day, and it was her first chance since her experience on the table, so she’d been sure to scrub it thoroughly. Now, though, a part of her almost wished she had forgotten. How lovely it would be to feel this flogger’s kiss again…

Fiona heard the sound of the doorknob turn behind her. Quickly she reached to place the flogger back on its hook, but she was too late…

Jake’s Thoughts: Joy and I are fairly new to floggers. We started our inital foray into the flogging experience with a leather model (because I love leather), and while it worked okay, it wasn’t really heavy enough to develop the burn in Joy’s cheeks that I was pursuing. The Embers flogger from Beautiful Sensations was my attempt to upgrade.

And an upgrade it was! Rather than leather, the Embers flogger is made of red and black rope, with a wrapped handle and a metal d-ring set into the end so that it can be hung from a hook for storage. The handle provides a secure grip, and the heft of its 27-inch length allows for plenty of momentum behind each stroke. The flogger has eight falls (a fall is a strand of rope), each with knots tied along its length. The knots provide a bit of bite when a flogging is delivered, but the soft rope ends disguise that bite behind their caress. All-in-all, the sensation is of a gentle build-up of pain, almost like that kind of hot sauce that’s only mildly spicy at first, but seems to get hotter and hotter in your mouth with each bite you take.

Joy enjoys the kiss of the flogger, and the fact that it’s not only an effective tool but also a handmade work of art only adds to the magic. Because of its peculiar mix of sting and caress, it has become our new tool of choice for a “good girl spanking”, and I think it is admirably suited for that task. For someone who is relatively experienced, the Embers flogger isn’t severe enough to be a good instrument of discipline. For a beginner (like Fiona in the vignette above) however, it would provide a fine introduction to the experience of spanking and corporal punishment.

The floggers at Beautiful Sensations come in a variety of color schemes–Embers is only one of many different choices. They come in a smaller size as well–21 inches–which might work well for over-the-knee or other close quarters flogging. Recommended!

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The Embers Flogger is a beautiful mixture of red and black intertwined rope
Well made from soft rope with an excellent attention to detail
Think slow burn rather than bite
Perfect to provide a bit of pleasurable spanking


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