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”Lean over the back of the armchair, Rose.” Gabe held a pair of leather cuffs in his hands and gazed at her expectantly.

“Why do you need those?” Rose asked, her eyes fastened on the cuffs. “We never talked about anything like that!”

“You lost the bet, and that means I get to spank you. The terms we agreed to specified a ‘thorough, bare-assed spanking’. I need the cuffs to be sure I can make it thorough.” Gabe smiled at her matter-of-factly and held out his hand, waiting.

A strange mixture of excitement and fear gnawed the inside of her stomach. Biting her lip, Rose held out her own hand so that he could buckle the cuffs around her wrist, then gasped as he drew her forward over the back of the armchair, looped the cuffs through a chain that vanished somewhere under the chair’s front, and then buckled them around her other wrist as well. Rose was bent forward over the low back of the leather armchair, her hands fastened before her, her feet on the ground, and her bottom up. She could feel the hem of her skirt riding up the backs of her thighs.

“I’m glad you wore a skirt. It’s so much more convenient than pants for a good spanking.” Gabe lifted the hem of her skirt up and laid it across her back. “Such pretty panties, Rose!” he exclaimed. “You look lovely in pink. But I think these are just going to get in the way right now.” Swiftly he pulled them down to her knees, exposing the pale skin of her buttocks.

“Have you been spanked before, Rose?” She felt herself blushing as he laid his hand on her bare flesh, touching her in such an intimate place so casually.

“I…no…” The words came out with difficulty, partly because of her position, partly because of her confusion, and partly because of the rapidity of her breathing. “Well, not since I was little.”

“I understand. Well, let me show you the paddle I’m going to use.” Her breath caught and she found herself torn between wanting to close her eyes and wanting desperately to see. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? They call it a ruler because it’s kind of ruler-shaped, and it’s made specifically to paddle lovely behinds like yours.”

The wood was reddish, almost like mahogany, and the finish shone in the light. It was long and narrow, ruler-like as Gabe described it, but thicker and with no sharp points or edges. Thoughts tumbled within her head, one on top of another. She wanted to say something, say anything, but she couldn’t seem to find the words…

“And now it’s time to pay off your bet, Rose.” Somehow he had made his way behind her—she flinched as she felt his cool hand on the soft skin of her bottom again. “I’m going to give you a thorough spanking, and when I’m done, I’m going to fuck you.”

Rose’s breath came out in gasps now. “That…” she choked out. “That wasn’t part of the bet!”

“No, it wasn’t,” Gabe responded as he caressed her ass with the cold, hard wood of the paddle. She wiggled at its touch, but the cuffs prevented her from straightening up. “And if you don’t want me to, I won’t.” He lifted the paddle off of her—she could feel it leave her skin and tensed, expecting it to come down in the first stroke at any moment.

“But here’s the thing, Rose. I think you will want me to.” She could hear the smile in his voice. “In fact, I think you already want me to right now.”

The paddle came down with a loud smack across the left cheek of her bottom. A whimper escaped from Rose’s throat as she reacted to the immediate sting of the blow, then felt it fade slowly into a sensation of heat. “Don’t you want me to fuck you, Rose?”

This time the paddle came down across her right cheek, and she bit her lip to stop from crying out again. “Don’t you, Rose?” Gabe asked, and suddenly Rose knew that it was true, completely and utterly true, truer than it had even been before in her life. She wanted Gabe to fuck her, needed him to fuck her, even though she shouldn’t. For a moment the inhibitions she’d built up through her twenty-four years of life kept the word from emerging, but the paddle came down again, on her right cheek once more, and the burst of pain cut quickly through the tatters of her sense of propriety.

“Yes” burst out of her mouth in a rush of air and heat. “Yes, I do,” she repeated. The paddle came down once more and she cried out, “Oh my God! Yes!”

Jake’s Thoughts: We have long used a leather paddle to administer spankings in our household, and while both Joy and I dearly love the one we have, my feeling has been that its bark is worse than its bite. It makes a loud sound when it comes down on Joy’s behind, but the actual sensation is fairly mild. Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes a more forceful approach is appropriate, and for that reason, I purchased the this 18 inch hardwood ruler.

In the world of spankings, the sensation a paddle creates when it comes down across one’s bottom is often broken into two components—the sting and the thud. The sting is exactly what it sounds like—the amount of heat and fire it creates in the spanking recipient’s nerve endings when it is used. The thud, on the other hand, corresponds to the feeling of impact it creates when a blow is given. The sting is more of a surface feeling, while the thud is felt in layers deeper than the skin.

In general, thinner more flexible instruments deliver more sting, while thicker, heavier and more rigid instruments deliver more thud. Because the 18 Inch Hardwood Ruler is actually 3/8” thick, it is heavier than one might expect from the picture, and while it offers a moderate amount of sting, I’d say that the thud it provides exceeds this mark, rising has high as medium. Joy prefers thud to sting, so on the one hand this is good, but the downside is that thud can tend to equate to bruising, which neither Joy nor I like much at all. When using this paddle, it’s important to use care or you will cause bruises.

The ruler I purchased is made of an exotic red wood called “bloodwood”, but it also comes in “cocolobo wood”, which is closer to walnut in color. Its heft and thickness argue for high durability, and any sharp edges or points have been sanded off, leaving a smooth, rounded surface that has been nicely finished to a smooth texture. The effect is to add a touch of class to your spanking—this tool would be appropriate if you were hosting an elegant cocktail party featuring some “unusual” entertainment.

Let’s face it—in the end, this is just a slender piece of wood, and it would certainly be possible for you to make your own if you have the tools and material. However, if you don’t, or if you want to feel that you are administering your paddlings with an elegant, high-quality instrument that could likely be passed down as an heirloom, this has proven to be an excellent paddle. It’s not the cheapest model available, but you are paying for quality and beauty. Recommended.

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The quality of the finish and the beauty of the wood add a touch of class to any paddling
Heavier than it looks, made of quality material and finished nicely
This paddle packs a fair amount of thud and a bit of sting as well
Good functionality plus beauty adds up to a winning experience for both parties


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