Trish knew she was in trouble. She’d been counting her demerits for the day, and she was up to four. That not only met their threshold for punishment, but exceeded it! Thank God they were on vacation and Brad had packed light. There was no way that nasty crop would have fit into their luggage!

“You know what you have coming, Trish, don’t you?” Brad asked. “Hurry up! Panties down, then bend forward and place your hands on the bed.”

Trish complied quickly, leaving her panties around her ankles the way Brad preferred. Why, oh why, couldn’t she have just held her tongue?

“Five demerits, Trish. You know the third one in a day gets you a spanking. Five! I think you found a way to set a new record.”

Five? She must have missed one. Would he use a belt? They were at the beach–Trish didn’t think he’d packed his leather belt. Probably it would be a bare hand. That wasn’t so bad.

She sneaked a peek over her shoulder and saw him pull something from his carry-on bag. She couldn’t tell what, and she was not supposed to be looking. Before Brad noticed she focused back on the bed spread in front of her.

She felt him lift her skirt up over her waist, then run his hand over her bare buttock. “Trish, this isn’t an auspicious way to begin our vacation. Fortunately I know just how to remind you to behave.”

Trish felt the impact and a loud “Smack!” echoed across the room. The heat and sting from the blow raced across her left butt cheek, causing her to take in her breath in a gasp. That wasn’t his hand!

Jake’s Thoughts: The 11-inch Leather Mini-Slapper is small enough that packing it in your luggage is quite feasible (though who knows what the airport security folks would think if they discovered it). It’s also quite simple. It’s made of black leather with two different sides; the first is smooth black leather, while the second divides the leather surface into little “fingers”. As far as Joy and I can tell, the fingers have no functional purpose other than perhaps to increase the noise the slapper makes when wielded. It also has a lanyard on the end you can loop around your wrist during use if desired.

I bought this slapper because I wanted something that would have some bite to it, but that would not leave bruises on Joy’s behind. Our riding crop has plenty of bite, but definitely can cause bruising. Our wooden paddle delivers a good quantity of “thud”, but leaves bruises easily as well. My hope was that the slapper would go light on the “thud” but maximize the sting, leaving Joy’s bottom unmarked while still making her gasp and squirm under it’s tender ministrations.

The first time we used it, Joy told me afterwards that it was too small and didn’t really do much for her. “Yes, it stung”, she told me, “But it’s mostly noise. I couldn’t really feel much in the actual spanking.” Of course, I took that as a challenge, so next time I tried a little harder to really put the slapper through it’s paces. Joy abruptly changed her mind. The slapper packs quite a bit of sting when used correctly. It not only sounds ferocious, but it feels ferocious. And you know what? No marks!

Now, Joy tells me she prefers thud to sting, and if it’s thud you’re after, the Mini-Slapper isn’t going to do it for you. On the other hand, I believe that a spanking must hurt to be worthwhile, and there’s no doubt that the sting this delivers hurts quite nicely. All-in-all, this has proven to be a worthwhile purchase. Recommended.

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Small, but black leather is classic and the 'fingers' do look cool even if they don't do much
Real leather, and it's simple construction promises durability
When well-employed, the sting from this slapper can be quite ferocious. Not much thud, though.
Works well to deliver a meaningful spanking without much fear of marks


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