“I can hardly believe it’s already Christmas break!” Gretchen closed the zipper on her bag, the last of her packing complete. “The semester went by so fast!”

Jennifer, sitting on her roommate’s bed, smiled back at her. “Wait, Gretchen. There’s one more thing you need to pack. I got you an early Christmas present.” She held out a slender package, wrapped in gold paper with a red bow.

“Jen, that’s so nice!” Gretchen’s face lit up when she smiled. “It’s beautiful! What is it?” She took the package and peeled the tape off one edge to open the wrapping paper.

“I just thought you might need a friend, Gretchen.” Jen gestured for her roommate to sit down beside her as she unwrapped the gift. “For those cold winter nights, you know?”

Gretchen peeled back the paper, exposing the end of her gift. “Oh my God, Jen! It’s a…a vibrator!”

Jennifer put her hand on top of her roommate’s, meeting her eyes as she looked up. “Yes, it’s a vibrator, but it’s also a friend…the best kind of friend! One that’s always there for you when you’re feeling lonely, you know?” She grinned. “At least as long as you have batteries!”

Jake’s Thoughts:

What, you don’t use a vibrator, you say? If that’s the case, you don’t know what you’re missing. A vibrator, along with a pair of cuffs, is the single most useful tool in the Dominant’s tool belt. More than any other tool, it can allow you to take the submissive over the edge into uncontrolled, unadulterated bliss, a state in which they have granted you total submission. And it requires only one hand for you to do this, leaving your second hand, your mouth and other important body parts free to engage in other, complimentary activities. If you don’t already own at least a basic vibrator, you need to get one as soon as possible.

The Waterproof Turbo Glider Raspberry Crush is the basic, “traditional” vibrator Joy and I turn to in just about every BDSM adventure we have. It is about seven inches long, and is powerful, effective and quiet. The pink color and transparent plastic make it an attractive toy, with a feminine look that pleases Joy. It’s shaped nicely for it’s intended purpose, and can be used for both internal and external vaginal stimulation, depending on your preference and mood. It can also be used for anal stimulation if desired.

So, what about this toy makes it stand out for us? Well, we’ve tried several traditional vibrator models, as well as a variety of other vibrating toys. We keep coming back to this one because…it just works. It’s sized right to fit Joy’s body well, and the powerful vibration combined with the adjustable speeds can absolutely drive her crazy. The nubs on the side add sensation as it slides in and out of her when we use it internally, and the low noise level helps if we have guests (Joy’s parents, perhaps) staying the night, though honestly this toy makes Joy so happy that she’s usually far louder than it is.

The other nice thing is that it’s waterproof. For me, this is important because it makes cleanup so easy. I’ve had issues in the past with water getting into the battery compartments of vibrators and causing rust, eventually making the toy inoperable. This one doesn’t have that problem. In fact, if you like, you can even use it in the tub or in the shower.

Though the Turbo Glider doesn’t have a lot of snazzy bells and whistles, frankly, it doesn’t need them. It’s simple, reliable, and oh-so-effective. If you want a vibrator, especially if you don’t have much experience with them, this makes an excellent choice.

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Pink plastic is pretty and feminine
Heavy grade plastic outside keeps the electrical insides safe
Powerful vibrations and little noise make this a great performer
This toy has single-handedly brought Joy more pleasure than any other


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