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Gayle’s hands stretched high overhead, bound to the eye hook set into the ceiling beam. The cuffs and chain drawing her hands up to the ceiling served two purposes–to keep her hands from interfering, and to prevent her from moving away. Chuck smiled to himself as he increased the speed of the vibrator to medium. The tip of the vibrator, gyrating back and forth deep within her vagina, served as a guide to ensure he got the little rabbit ears positioned just right against her clitoris. Gayle gasped, her mouth dropped open, and her legs buckled, letting him know her had found just the right place. “Good thing that hook can hold her,” he thought. “She’s got just about her whole body weight on it right now.”

Gayle squrimed and whimpered, caught in the throes of an ongoing orgasm. The vibrator, relentless in it’s mechanical pleasure, buzzed inside her. Chuck held it correctly positioned against her regardless of how she wiggled. He put his arm around her waist, took her left nipple into his mouth to suckle, and increased the speed of the vibrator to high.

Jake’s Thoughts: Joy and I have tried several different rabbit-style vibrators. The L’Amour Premium Silicone Massager Flutter is our favorite. To start with the basics, a rabbit-style vibrator has a shaft that is inserted into the vagina to provide a feeling of penetration to the user, as well as an appendage that sticks out from the side of the shaft that is meant to be placed against the clitoris for direct clitoral stimulation. The vibrator gets its name from the propensity for this appendage to look like a pair of rabbit ears. With both penetration and clitoral vibration coming from a single source, the rabbit vibrator is meant to be a step up from basic vibrator models. And in fact in general it is.

As a standard rabbit vibrator, the Flutter brings a lot to the table. Its shaft is sized and shaped to feel like a real penis when it slips inside, and it’s rabbit ears are well positioned for their job. It has seven different vibration functions–three speeds of “always on”, and four different vibration patterns if that’s what you prefer. The vibration occurs at aproximately the point of the shaft where the appendenge protrudes, so both the shaft itself and the rabbit ears vibrate nicely right at the entrance to the vagina. And the fact that the controls are via push-button rather than a dial make them easier to use with one hand–something that can prove highly useful when the other hand is busy elsewhere.

However, the Flutter offers a more unique quality that elevates it above other rabbit vibrators we’ve tried. The shaft has a second motor built into it, which, when activated, causes the end to move around and around. The product description calls this “rotation”, but to clarify, it’s not spinning, but instead tracing a small circle with the tip of the vibrator. This movement helps to call attention to the feeling that the user’s vagina is full, stimulates the g-spot, and creates a feeling of movement inside. As with the vibration, the “rotation” has three speed settings. Joy finds this second function a nice addition to the already wonderful rabbit vibrations teasing her clitoris.

The vibration and “rotation” are controlled by two different buttons, and therefore can be used separately if desired. Generally I use this to ramp things up slowly, starting at lower speeds and increasing gradually, then adding in the second function when things are going nicely. The silicone material and the fact that the vibrator is waterproof make cleanup easy. And even when both functions are going full-bore, the noise-level is low. All in all, this is a slick piece of work!

The only real area of improvement we’ve found with the Flutter is the battery life. It runs on three triple-a batteries, and with both functions going at high speed, the charge drains off pretty fast. Oh, you won’t run out during a single session–my experience has been that there’s enough charge to last through two in-depth adventures without any degredation in performance. However, after that, it’s probably about time to change out the batteries.

One other thing to note is that rabbit vibrators, since they penetrate the vagina, aren’t particularly compatible with vaginal intercourse (in other words, they get in the way). If I’m going to be in Joy’s vagina, I opt to use a traditional vibrator instead. However, as a prelude to sex, or if I plan to do something else (anal intercourse, for instance), or if Joy simply wants to show her own self a good time, the Flutter is top-knotch.

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Periwinkle silicone with light-up buttons make this a light hearted toy
Well-designed and water-proof with convenient controls
Two different functions to provide stimulation, and low noise to boot
An excellent rabbit-vibrator that stands above others we've tried


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