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Jake’s Thoughts: Eden Fantasys is an online retailer of sex toys and products. Though they offer a selection of fetish and bondage products (and it’s reasonably well-stocked), it’s not their specialty. Instead, their main focus is on vibrators and other toys for use in all types of sexual behavior.

From my perspective, Eden Fantasys’ primary benefit is the width and breadth of the selection they offer. There are a lot of different toys available in all shapes, colors and sizes. If Joy and I are looking to add out our vibrator collection, for instance, this is one of the first places I’d come. They also offer a selection of lingerie to choose from, as well as a section on lubricants and lotions which Joy has patronized with great success, so it might pay to look around to see what else is available after you pick out your sex toy of choice.

Their site is well organized and easy to navigate, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. We’ve patronized them several times, and to date, the quality of the merchandise we’ve received from Eden Fantasys has ranged from good to excellent. Nothing yet has arrived that has disappointed us or not lived up to its marketing description on the site.

From a customer service perspective, Eden Fantasys lives up to their promises, shipping products accurately and ensuring that they arrive on time. The products arrive in the traditional plain brown wrapper, so the neighbors don’t look at you funny after a delivery. Thus far we haven’t had to deal with a return or any sort of ordering problem, which is an indication of the accuracy with which Eden Fantasys fulfills their orders.

Based on our experience plus the wide selection of products available, I’d definitely recommend Eden Fantasys as a source for sex toys. If you need something fun for a special night, this is a good place to start shopping!

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Excellent selection of sex toys, plus lotions, lingerie and even a decent array of BDSM items
So far, products have at least lived up to, and sometimes exceeded, their billing
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Orders are processed accurately and shipped on time
Pricing is competitive with other merchants


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