Charlotte could hardly move. With her arms and legs securely locked to the bedframe, she certainly could do nothing to prevent Don from taking whatever liberties he chose with her body. Of course, she trusted him, but still her vulnerability created a thrill of excitement within her as she watched him remove two small, black objects from their toy chest.

She’d never seen these before! She’d have asked him what they were, but the gag in her mouth prevented her from speaking. Her eyes grew big as it became apparent he would place them on her nipples, which abruptly came up erect as she came to this realization.

Don chuckled as he saw her reaction, then lowered one of the black objects down over the tip of her right breast. It seemed to be made of plastic or rubber, and it had an opening into which he inserted her nipple. He squeezed the object and then released it, and Charlotte felt a suction pulling at the tip of her breast, pulling her nipple up and away from her body. It felt…unusual, and kept her attention focused on her breasts, especially as Don attached the other one to her left nipple. Her attention remained focused there right up until he placed the vibrator up against the moist opening between her legs…

Jake’s Thoughts: Joy has very sensitive nipples, a fact that has resulted in much pleasure for both of us over the years. Because of this, one of the things I always wish when I’m with her is that I had a second mouth, so that I could kiss and suck on both her nipples at the same time. Sadly, nature did not so bless me, and therefore when I discovered the Super Snake Bite Suckers, they seemed like a terrific idea. Since they are sold in pairs, I could have not just two mouths, but three, each of which could be used simultaneously! What a concept!

And to a certain extent, the Super Suckers work as advertised. They attach to Joy’s nipples quite nicely, and do provide stimulation through a relatively gentle suction. In a way, they are similar to nipple clamps, except that the sensation is different. It’s more of a pulling sensation than a pinching sensation, and is definitely less severe. If you (or your partner) find the idea of nipple clamps intimidating, then you might consider giving these a shot instead, with perhaps the plan of working your way up to clamps in the future.

The Super Suckers are made of some sort of sturdy plastic, and generate sufficient suction to stay in place provided that the wearer’s nipple is large enough to adequately fill the opening. They might not work so well on someone with small nipples, but Joy’s are nice and full, and so these work well for her. Appearance-wise, they look simple, but intriguing, when attached to her breasts. There’s always something nice about basic black against pale skin.

These particular devices are the low-end of the nipple suction spectrum—they’re inexpensive and therefore make a good way to try this sensation out. There are higher-end options as well, but to date we haven’t tried them, so I’m not qualified to speak to whether they make a big difference or not.

All-in-all, both Joy and I prefer nipple clamps to the Super Suckers in most situations, but I suspect that’s more a matter of personal taste than anything else. The severity of the clamps in both appearance and sensation appeals to both of us. However, for those who don’t enjoy (or are not yet ready for) mingling a bit of pain with their pleasure, the Super Suckers offer a good alternative for nipple stimulation.

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Simple black stands out well against pale breasts
Sturdy black plastic material that seems to be long-lasting
Suction is relatively gentle
Gentle suction might be good for beginners or for those who aren't into the pain of true clamps


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