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Celeste’s hand moved back and forth on his erect member, stroking him. Robert felt himself grow longer and harder in her hand.

Suddenly she stopped. She grabbed his hair and yanked his head down close to hers. He struggled to retain his balance, his bound hands, cuffed tightly together behind him, unable to assist. Celeste held his face an inch away from her own and chided him, “No coming on your own, Robbie! You don’t come until I tell you to!” She let go of her painful handful of hair and let him straighten up. “Now, wait! I have something for you.”

Celeste took a small tin from a shelf beside him and removed the lid. She scooped a bit of translucent ointment from it onto her fingers, then closed it and put it away. She moved directly in front of him and grasped his still erect shaft, stroking back and forth, covering his penis with the ointment. What was it? It didn’t seem to be a lubricant. He could smell it…a minty kind of scent…

“Do you feel that, Robbie? You’ve been such a good boy lately that I wanted to give you a present.” She leaned forward to whisper in his ear, her hand keeping up its rhythmic movement. “Oh, you’re not good enough for my mouth or even for my pussy. But I thought you earned a special treat when I jerk you off.” Beneath her fingers, his penis felt something unfamiliar, a sort of cool and tingly sensation…

Jake’s Thoughts: Rocket Balm, by Hot Pants Products, is the male counterpart to our favorite Flower Balm female sensitizing lotion, the one that Joy recommends so fervently. Like its sister, it comes in a round tin which, though small, holds enough for dozens of uses. For all I know, the actual balm itself is exactly the same in both the male and female versions, with the only difference being the packaging. Frankly, I don’t much care if the two are the same, because the important point here is that they actually work.

To use Rocket Balm, one simply rubs a small quantity into the head and shaft of one’s penis. Because the product is safe (per the manufacturer) for both consumption and insertion into the vagina, employing it will not interfere with any activity you have planned, with the possible exception of anal sex. Joy’s experience is that when she gets balm into her anus, it causes her muscles to tighten up and makes penetration more difficult.

My previous experience with such things as the “altoid trick” or various other ointments has been disappointing—I could barely feel anything at all from them. However, Rocket Balm creates a noticeable “cool and tingly” sensation. It feels almost as though my penis were more “alive” than normal. Imagine how you feel on a cool, fresh and sunny morning when you first walk outside. That’s how my member feels when the Rocket Balm begins to work.

As to the sensitizing effects, well, Joy truly loves her Flower Balm, and I can testify that for her, it makes reaching orgasms faster and more certain when she uses it. I don’t know that I find any extra sensitization effects when I use Rocket Balm, but that’s probably okay. We guys don’t generally have an issue with reaching our orgasms—instead, the challenge is usually to walk along the edge of climax for as long as possible before finally allowing oneself to tumble over the side. I don’t find that Rocket Balm makes this exercise any easier or harder. However, the cool and tingly sensation is fun and different, and that’s good enough for me to use this stuff when I get the urge.

Plus, Joy tells me that she thinks it tastes good. So it’s got that going for it!

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The balm is almost transparent and disappears when you rub it on, but the little tin it's packed in is cool
Tin keeps the balm secure, and a little goes a long way
Unlike most products in this space, I can actually feel Rocket Balm work
Adds a little cool and tingly feeling to the male member


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