“Just a single drop applied directly to the clitoris.” That’s what the directions said, and Jenna believed in following directions. Carefully she held the bottle with the tip in just the right spot, gently squeezed, and allowed a droplet of the liquid to fall.

“Hmmm….”she thought to herself. “I guess it does feel a little bit warm. And maybe just a bit tingly, too.”

She reached over and opened her nightstand drawer. “Charles may be out of town,” she told herself with a smile, “but I do have my little, special friend who can help me try this out. Let’s just see whether this stuff makes a difference.”

The buzz of the vibrator came on, and as she applied the tip to her vulva, she felt the warmth and tingling between her thighs begin to grow…

Jake’s Thoughts: I purchased Liquid V for Joy for Christmas. We’ve had such fun using our Flower Balm sensitizing ointment that I thought trying another product might be a good idea. Prior to Flower Balm, our opinion had been that sensitizing products frankly weren’t worth the money, but now that our eyes have been opened, I figured some additional exploration might be in order.

Liquid V comes in a small bottle with a tip applicator to allow single drops of the product to be used at a time. That’s a good thing, because you only get 1/3 of an ounce of liquid in the bottle. The directions say to use one drop at a time and apply it directly to the clitoris. Note that this particular product is limited to vaginal use–it is not suitable for use on nipples or a penis.

We have now tried the product twice, and Joy reports both good news and bad news. On the good news front, Liquid V actually does have an appreciable effect, which is more than many sensitizing products can say. Joy has shared that it creates a warm and tingly sensation, and that it does appear to increase the sensation during vaginal stimulation.

On the bad news front, however, the sensation is not as powerful as what Flower Balm offers. Liquid V helps increase sensation, but Flower Balms seems to be able to keep her simmering on the edge of orgasm with almost no external help. When you add in the fact that Flower Balm can be used to good effect on her nipples as well, the winner is clear.

If we were stuck on a desert island with no access to other products, we’d definitely use Liquid V–it’s better than nothing. However, given the fact that better options are available, it’s doubtful we’ll be buying more any time soon.

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Liquid V is a clear liquid, and the bottle is small and easily slipped into a purse or drawer
The applicator bottle allows for drop-by-drop usage
It does do something, but it's not as powerful as our recommended product, and works only for clitoral stimulation
Will heat up your sexual adventure, but it's not the best you can buy.


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