** Best Female Sensitizing Lotion **

“Comfortable, Stacy?” Dave asked. Stacy’s hands extended high above her head, cuffed to a hook in the ceiling. Her breasts trembled as she tugged at the hook, testing it.

“I’m…okay”, she replied. Her stockings and garter belt framed the patch of pubic hair between her legs.

Dave approached bearing a small tin. He smiled wickedly at her. “We’re trying something new tonight, Stacy. Something we’ve talked about, but never tried before.” He opened the tin and scooped out some sort of substance on his finger. “This, my dear, is insurance…insurance to make certain that you enjoy what we do tonight.”

Stacy pulled back as Dave’s finger moved towards her left breast, but the cuffs overhead left her no room to move. Dave’s finger circled her nipple, applying the cream all around. Immediately Stacy felt a cooling tingle start in her aureole.

Dave reached down to scoop more of the substance onto his finger. “You’ll need this in three place, Stacy. The second is your other breast.” Stacy felt the tingling begin in her right aureole as he smeared it in circles around her erect, outthrust nipple. “And I bet you can guess where the third place will be.”

Stacy’s breath caught as her mind worked and she realized that she could, indeed, guess…

Joy’s Thoughts: I have tried this Flower Balm by Hot Pants Products Inc. several times now and really like it. The first time I tried it, I applied just the tiniest bit because the instructions say “apply a small amount”. I applied it on my clitoris and both nipples. I did feel it down below, but I applied it too early (about an hour ahead of time) and it had worn off by the time that Jake and I got into each other. I had apparently applied too little to my nipples because I never felt any sensation there.

However, the second time I used this, I applied it a little more liberally. I figured out that this stuff has the same consistency as those solid perfumes that I like. I needed to press down a little to break into the balm and get more on my finger. I also waited until the last minute before applying it, literally saying “save that thought, I’ll be right back” just as we were getting started: poor Jake. The balm worked like a charm this time. I was so tingly on the walk back to the playroom that I could have come before I got back to Jake. I didn’t feel it on my nipples until Jake’s mouth was on them, but then the feeling was sensational. I had repeated orgasms that evening, even before Jake entered me.

The container says “For Her Pleasure” but Jake likes it too. He told me that it tasted minty, which is what it feels like also. It is very tingly but does not burn at all. This is the first sensitizing balm that I have used that really works. I will definitely be using this again. Recommended.

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The balm is made to be nondescript, but the little tin is pretty
Tin keeps the balm secure, and a little goes a long way
All I can say is 'Wow!'
The single best tip I know to jazz up any adventure is to strategically apply a little bit of Flower Balm!


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