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“Go slow, Randi. I haven’t done this before,” Joel pleaded. He lay on his belly, hands bound together over his head, legs bound together to the foot of his bed. A pillow placed under his hips kept his bare rear end elevated. Randi’s hand came down across his bare skin—crack!—and he felt the sudden sting fade to a warm glow across his buttock. “Ow!” he cried. “That hurt!”

“Don’t worry, Joel.” The tips of Randi’s breasts brushed against his back as she leaned over to whisper in his ear. “You’re going to like this. I can tell.” Randi’s hands caressed his bare buttocks again, and her finger probed between them. Almost despite himself, Joel felt his groin stirring.

“You’re tight, baby,” Randi remarked conversationally. “And I’m pretty big. I think we’re going to need a little lubrication.”

Joel felt a cool liquid drip down between the cheeks of his ass, then Randi’s finger rubbing it around him, and then—“Oh, God!”–penetrating.

“There you go, baby. Now I think you’re ready,” Randi cooed, once more rubbing his back with her naked breasts as she bent over him. She lifted her leg over him and straddled his hips, then moved down lower to position herself. Joel felt something cool and stiff lying between the cheeks of his butt.

“All right, baby, take me inside.” Randi made her voice soft and seductive as she added, “I know you’re going to like my big dick.” Joel felt something press up between his cheeks, up where Randi’s finger had gone, but it was bigger…much bigger…

Jake’s Thoughts: Joy found out about Astroglide Liquid by reading online. It came highly recommended by multiple sources, and it turns out those sources knew what they were talking about. It performs its lubrication task admirably, being neither too thick and creamy nor too light and water-like. It’s about like a light oil in consistency, I’d say, but it does not leave an oily feeling on your skin after it is rubbed in. Note that Astroglide makes other products with a different consistency–this one is just our favorite.

The kind we have is unscented and neutral in taste, which I think is an improvement over the stuff that smells like strawberries or something similar. It is also non-toxic, which means there’s no issue using it anywhere on your body, including places you might later want your mouth to go. It works with all materials, so you don’t have to avoid using it with latex, or silicone, etc. And clean-up wise, it’s easy—after it dries, its hard even to know you had it on, and it will wash right off with water.

This has become our go-to lubrication product. Highly recommended!

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Clear liquid in an attractive plastic bottle--how can you go wrong?
Non-toxic, and applying just a little does the job
Excellent lubrication, no cloying scent, and easy to wash off afterwards
Good lubrication is key to good sex, and this is the best lubricant we've come across!


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