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Joy’s Thoughts: I have just received my fourth order from Love Fifi. I love this outfit (the website business as well as the lingerie)! Everything that I have ordered from Fifi has been high-quality. The crotchless panties and nipple-less or cup-less bras are perfect accessories for playtime with Jake. Here are just some of the reasons that I love ordering lingerie from Love Fifi.

First and foremost, it is refreshing to purchase items online that actually fit. While I am proportioned quite nicely, I am by no means a tiny wisp of a thing that would blow away in a decent breeze, and I do not appreciate sizes that run small any more than any other woman does. After all, intimate apparel isn’t easily returnable and is a bit expensive for the amount of material actually used in its construction. With Fifi, everything that I order is sized correctly, if not generously. So if I order a medium, I do not wind up wishing that I had ordered a large or extra-large to compensate for manufacturing stinginess. Fifi must screen the merchandise that she orders to make sure it meets her sizing standards.

I love receiving my packages. I’ve ordered about 20 items over the past several months, and only one was on back-order. Fifi kept me informed and the item (a pretty white shelf bra that Jake hasn’t seen yet) came when she told me that it would. It is exquisite and was worth the wait. All of my purchases have come wrapped in pink tissue paper with announcements that read like love notes, which just makes them seem all that more special. Just opening the package makes me feel sexy.

I love the emails that I get from Fifi announcing sales or steals. They’re always written in a sexy-cute style and signed with hugs and smooches, just like many of the merchandise descriptions on her website. For all I know, Fifi could be a pudgy old man, but I don’t really care. I love the fantasy and embrace it every time I visit her website. As you know, lingerie can be ordered from a large number of websites, but Love Fifi sells a higher-class, sexy but non-sleazy experience that starts from the moment you enter her online store.

I will continue to order fun stuff from Love Fifi, and highly recommend the website to anyone looking for sexy, yet classy, lingerie to spice up their nights, afternoons, or whenever.

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Love Fifi carries a relatively small selection of fine quality lingerie and undergarments
Excellent quality lingerie that looks good, wears well, and holds up to repeat use
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Orders not only go out accurately and on time, but include beautiful packaging
Fifi's lingerie costs more than the budget lingerie outfit's, but it's worth it!


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