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Jake’s Thoughts: Leather Obsession focuses on providing high-quality leather lingerie and related garments to its customers. Corsets, bustiers, bra and panty sets, boots, skirts and dresses can all be found here. Leather Obsession devotes itself strictly to leather women’s wear, so if you’re looking for other types of apparel, you’ll need to search elsewhere.

However, if it’s leather you want (and who doesn’t?), then this is a wonderful destination. The products Joy and I have received from them have all been very well made and frankly…well, beautiful. Joy looks so good in them that when she wears one of these outfits I just want to eat her up. Products are delivered in a lovely gift box, very much suitable to hand to your wife or girlfriend on her birthday or your anniversary with no additional gift wrapping required.

Our orders to date have always shipped on time, and we’ve had no issues with customer service. Leather Obsessions has a well-organized site and keeps its customers abreast of order status via email. Their products aren’t cheap, but as mentioned above, they deliver on the quality, and I’m okay with paying for it.

Within the leather women’s wear category, Leather Obsession has a good variety of offerings. There are many different types of garments available, but the number of varieties stocked within each type is somewhat limited. Therefore, I’m rating them 4 out of 5 on selection. If they have what you’re looking for, though, you won’t be disappointed when you receive it! Highly recommended!

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Leather Obsession handles strictly leather wear, but within that narrow category, their selection is good
Garments are always extremely well made and beautiful to look at
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Order handling is efficient and accurate, and the cool box your order arrives in scores bonus points
Leather Obsession is not cheap, but it's a textbook example of getting what you pay for


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