The vibrator was having quite an effect–George watched Anna’s lips part slightly in a gasp as he moved it in slow, tiny circles around her clitoris. The black nylon hood that covered her head left only her mouth and lips exposed so he could not see her facial expression, but he knew without a doubt that her orgasm approached by the rate of her breathing and the small jerks and spasms that racked her body. Her lips looked so pink and lovely against the black surface that surrounded them! They provided a small window into the individual that was Anna behind the faceless anonymity of the hood.

A moment later Blake filled that window–he placed the tip of his penis to Anna’s parted lips and pressed forward. George watched as his girlfriend’s lips resisted for a moment, then opened and received Blake, encircling his shaft as he pressed in deeper, filling her mouth. George took the head of his own penis and placed it against the moistness of Anna’s vagina. Her hands pulled fruitlessly against the bonds that held them to either side as he thrust up and in, penetrating her, filling her womb in the same way that Blake filled her mouth.

Jake’s Thoughts: I purchased the Festish Fantasy Lightweight Spandex Open Mouth Hood as an experiment, and after having used it a few times, I’m glad I did. My original purpose was twofold. From a selfish perspective, I liked the idea of leaving Joy’s lips and mouth exposed while surrounding them with featureless black. For some reason that is a strongly erotic image for me. And from a more giving perspective, my thought was that providing a hood–essentially a whole-head mask–for Joy to hide behind might help her to feel less exposed and at risk when I ask her to do something she might find embarrassing during a scene.

The hood performs both these tasks well. The lightweight spandex stretches to encase Joy’s head in a firm, but gentle grasp, goes on and comes off easily, and does indeed make her unidentifiable when she has it on. Her mouth and nose remain uncovered, so breathing is not an issue, and her lips are delightfully accessible for both kisses and oral sex. If desired, the hood may be placed so as to cover the nose as well, leaving only the mouth exposed, and in this case the spandex proved thin enough to breath through even when Joy’s mouth was occupied with other tasks.

The only quibble I have with this item is that the wearer can, to a limited extent, see through the fabric when it is worn. My ideal hood would be thick enough so as to act as a blindfold when in place. However, this issue is easily remedied by putting on a blindfold and then pulling the hood down over it. When this is done, Joy assures me that total blackness ensues, and she can see nothing, not even a border of light around the blindfold.

From a visual perspective, the Lightweight Spandex hood fulfills my desire–it provides a nicely featureless expanse surrounding the vulnerable lips. And Joy has told me that she does, indeed, feel hidden when wearing it, so it hit the mark on that account as well. One other great thing about this hood is the price–it’s only about $20. While I might prefer a rubber or leather hood if money was no object, given price constraints, this is a far better bargain. All in all, this has proved an excellent purchase, and both Joy and I recommend it.

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Black, smooth spandex clings to the face, but leaves the mouth shockingly open and vulnerable
Lightweight spandex that fits tightly but comfortably
The black, featureless surface objectifies and anonymous-izes the wearer very effectively
Adds excitement for both the wearer and non-wearer


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