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Rose knelt on the low dais, waiting in the dark. She could hardly do anything else—he had padlocked her wrist cuffs to a staple in the floor before placing the bondage hood over her head. It fit tightly over her face, a featureless mask that blocked out all light. The solitary opening exposed only her mouth and lips. She swallowed nervously, thinking about what was to come.

The hood was the only garment she wore. The rest of her body was bare—he had seen to that before he even put the cuffs on her. She heard the door open and the sound of movement…footsteps, first on one side, then the other. Her head twisted nervously back and forth, turning to face the source of the noise despite the fact that she could not see. Breathing…feet shuffling….oh my God, how many of them were there?

A hand cupped her chin and she flinched back, away from the touch. She could not go far, however, and the hand was gentle but relentless as it lifted her head up. Something touched her lips…a finger? No, she knew what it was, and she knew what she was expected to do. Still, she hesitated.

The door opened once more…more footsteps. Were they watching…looking at her? Her heart pounded as a turbulent mix of excitement and panic washed over her like a wave. “I will be a good girl,” Rose told herself. “That’s what I’m supposed to remember. To be a good girl, and to do as I am told.” She clutched at the thought, chanting it like a mantra over and over in her mind. “I will do as I am told.” The idea of what that meant rushed through her, bringing her nipples to full attention and a flood of moisture to the warm place between her thighs.

“I am a good girl,” Rose repeated to herself. Her lips parted and the penis slid past the mask and into the anonymous depths of her soft mouth. Hands grasped the back of her head as he thrust into her, beginning the slow journey that she knew would end with the first load of semen deposited into the back of her throat.

Jake’s Thoughts: Joy has a lovely face, and as a rule, I like to be able to see it while we are in the throes of passion. However, under certain circumstances, I have discovered that a bondage hood, which covers her head and hides her face, can provide serious benefit. This is because it allows Joy to hide behind the mask it provides, to be anonymous, and because it depersonalizes our activities. When we do something difficult, something that Joy desires but is ashamed of, feeling anonymous and focusing solely on our activity rather than on the people performing it can prove very helpful.

We have had a spandex bondage hood for about a year, and while it has worked well, it has had one serious drawback that made me want to upgrade. The spandex is thin, which is good because it ensures no problem with breathing even when the nose is covered, but also bad, because it allows Joy to see through it. Our means of addressing that problem has been to place a blindfold on first before putting the hood on over it, but this could sometimes be uncomfortable for Joy, and was a pain in the behind. Far better to have a hood that, while still breathable, would not require help to block Joy’s vision.

The bondage hood with built-in blindfold does exactly that. The blindfold is highly effective. When positioned correctly, utterly no light is admitted, and the wearer can see literally nothing. The spandex beyond the blindfold area, however, remains thin, so that it does not obstruct breathing. And just like our original hood, the fabric clings tightly over the wearer’s head, leaving only the lips and mouth uncovered. When Joy wears this, she appears to be a highly sexual department store manikin, with a very female body.

Like our original, the spandex hood with built-in blindfold is elastic enough that one size should fit all. I’m not sure what the shelf life of the hood will be, but as I said, we’ve had the old one for a year and it shows no signs of wear and tear. The only potential flaw I see in its design is that the mouth opening could be just slightly bigger—as it is, it can sometimes get in the way when you need to push something through it into the waiting mouth beyond, if you get my drift. However, that problem is easily surmountable and is a minor quibble at most.
All-in-all, I’d say this hood does exactly what I was hoping it would do—take an already good product and make it better. Recommended.

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Black, smooth spandex clings to the face, but leaves the mouth shockingly open and vulnerable
Lightweight spandex that fits tightly but comfortably--the built-in blindfold blocks all light when positioned correctly
Anonymity, de-personalization, vulnerability and sensory deprivation all rolled into one!
Creates exactly the right mood to maximize the fun in a certain type of scene


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