** Best Basic Collar **

The black leather of the collar stands out sharply against her pale skin as he buckles it in place. “What is it?” she asks, unable to see through the blindfold.

“A collar,” he states. “It has pretty, little red hearts on it. Is it comfortable?” The hearts catch the light of the candles that illuminate the room with their flickering glow.

“It’s…I guess so.” Her voice trembles slightly as she asks, “Why do we need a collar?”

He grasps the O-ring of the collar and pulls her forward, down over the back of the chair. “This is why, my dear,” he replies, the sound of the snap hook loud in the silence of the room as it clicks into place.

Jake’s Thoughts: This black leather collar looks elegant around Joy’s neck, and the little red hearts add an element of style. Despite frequent use, the collar shows no sign of wear, indicating high-quality materials and manufacturing. This is part of a matched set of bondage equipment, including wrist and ankle cuffs, a blindfold, and even a paddle. Joy and I own the whole set, which I think tells you something about how much we like this look.

As you know if you’re a reader of this site, I regard collars as mostly decorative. This collar does an outstanding job of fulfilling that decorative role! However, occasionally Joy and I have found it necessary to employ the O-ring attached to the collar as well, and we have not been disappointed when doing so. The leather and metal construction provides sufficient strength to hold Joy’s head and neck in place, despite any wiggling around she might do.

In my view, it provides everything we need from a bondage collar. Highly recommended!

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The elegance of the black leather and red hearts contrasts beautifully with the severity of the steel o-ring
Real leather, and made to last
Black leather around your partner's neck, plus a steel o-ring at the front can't help but be somewhat severe
Highly decorative and functional if need be--this adds a lot to a scene


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