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Martin clicked the snap-lock into place, fastening together the leather cuffs that circled Stacy’s wrists. She kept her hands up against her chest in front of her, almost as though she were covering herself with them as best she could. Rather than meeting his gaze, her eyes followed the chain as it led up from the snap hook and through the eye serving as a makeshift pulley on the ceiling.

He held the other end of the chain in his hand, and Stacy’s attention snapped back to his face as he began to pull on it, causing the chain to slide towards him through the eye and drawing her hands inexorably upwards toward the ceiling. Her lips parted slightly and her breath quickened as they rose above her head, gradually exposing her bare breasts, beautifully framed in the cupless, black bra she wore. He used a second snap hook to fasten off the chain, leaving her with her hands stretched high above her head, helpless to cover her nakedness.

“You’re beautiful, Stacy.” Martin reached out a hand to cup Stacy’s full, right breast, outlined in black lace. He could feel the nipple stick out like a pebble against his hand. “And look how perky you are!”

Joy’s Thoughts: I love this black lace cupless bra from Love Fifi. The brand is “Shirley of Hollywood”. I order through Love Fifi because of their superior customer service, which we have already written about. This cupless bra offers a lot more support than its “cousin”, the shelf bra; though almost completely exposed, my breasts are really supported all the way around. I feel absolutely perky in this thing.

This is by far the best-fitting bra I own. When I ordered it, I only had to be concerned with one measurement. The cup size did not matter. So the band around my chest fits perfectly and the “frame” around my breasts always sits securely where I put it: the placement of the bands or straps is not dictated by an inflexible cup.

Like everything else I have ordered from Love Fifi, the quality of this bra is superior to lingerie that I have bought even in upscale department stores. A bra of this sort could easily look sleazy, and you may have seen some of those, but this one does not. The straps never fall off my shoulders, which is more than I can say about my every-day-wear bras. Nothing falls out of place no matter how adventurous Jake and I may be.

Jake keeps daring me to wear this in public, but I am actually still a bit modest outside of the playroom. For the moment I have passed on that suggestion, but who knows…maybe one day!

Jake’s Thoughts: This particular item is certainly my favorite bra, and arguably my favorite piece of lingerie of any sort that Joy owns. It’s both highly erotic and, at the same time, practical, an outstanding combination. The eroticism comes from the simple, almost demure black lace construction contrasting with the shocking exposure of the entire breast of the wearer. It’s sort of the lingerie equivalent of the pretty librarian with her hair in a bun sitting back and calmly lifting her feet up onto the library desk, revealing that she is wearing stockings, garters and no panties under her skirt. Joy looks truly hot wearing this!

The practicality, on the other hand, comes from the fact that this bra can be worn without in any way restricting your access to the wearer’s breasts and nipples. You do not need to worry about removing it before placing the wearer in bondage, and therefore do not have to sacrifice the decorative aspect of the lingerie. Add a pair of crotchless panties and your bound partner can be bound and helpless, looking ravishing in bra and panties, yet with both her breasts and genitals available for all sorts of fun stimulation!

A hot look that you do not have to remove in order to enjoy what’s underneath, and which can be worn while bound…what more could anyone want? Highly recommended!

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This bra is lovely, and does an excellent job of framing the breasts of the wearer
Comfortable, well-made, and easy to fit, plus it actually provides some support!
A deft blend of beauty and brazenness, this bra really sets the mood!
One of our absolute favorite pieces of lingerie!


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