Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds reviews BDSM products and equipment through actual field testing. That’s right…Joy and/or I personally try out every item we review, which means that the process of adding new reviews can be lengthy. However, it also means that we know what we’re talking about when we post our findings, and are not just copying marketing hype from the item manufacturer.

Our experiences with each item are noted and compared with other, similar items, and we select a “best in category” based on this comparison. Items that didn’t rate as well as our “best” are nevertheless reviewed and listed under “other options”. In the event that we try a new item and find it superior, we will make the new item “best in category” and move the former “best” to the other options list.

Note that as all reviews are conducted by Jake, Joy or both, a certain amount of subjectivity can be expected! However, we do our best to be as objective as possible, and to write down the reasons why we consider a specific product to be the “best” so that you can consider them. In some cases, Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds may have an affiliate relationship with the vendor that supplies the product. We do our best to not let that influence our review, and will disclose that affiliate relationship in the review so that you are aware.

If you have thoughts or questions on products or equipment or suggestions on other items for us to try out and review, please submit them in the comments area.

Best Open Cup Bra

Review: Portrait Open-Tip Bra

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