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“Thanks for helping me with my Psych 201 project, Alison. I really appreciate you letting me use you as a guinea pig!” Faith smiled over the clipboard she held, her blue eyes sparkling.

“Hey, you gave me a nice glass of wine! Plus you helped me out with proofreading my project, too! I don’t mind.” Alison smiled back and set her glass down on the table beside the sofa.

“Okay,” said Faith. “Let’s get started. I’m trying to test how our senses interact with each other. In this case, I want to see how much our other senses influence our sense of taste. To test this, I’m going to cover your eyes and then feed you several different types of food. I want to see if you can tell what they are just by their taste, without being able to see or touch them.”

“Okay,” said Alison. “What do you need me to do?”

“Well, hmmm…I want to be sure you can’t accidentally feel what I’m going to feed you. That would ruin the test. So, let me have your hand…” Alison held out her hand, watching curiously as her classmate picked up a silk scarf from the table and tied it to her wrist. “Now, turn around and let me have the other one.” Faith knotted the scarf around the other wrist as well, binding both hands together behind the dark-haired girl’s back.
“Now, let’s see…we’ll need to take off your glasses or they’ll get in the way of the blindfold.”

Alison’s natural reaction to reach up to remove them was quickly halted by the scarf restraining her hands. Embarrassed, she said, “Umm…I can’t…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get them.” Faith folded the glasses neatly and put them on the table, then brushed her blonde hair back out of her eyes with one hand. “Would you like another sip of wine?” She lifted the glass to Alison’s lips and tilted it so that the other girl could drink. Being fed by her friend felt curiously intimate, and Alison smiled nervously as Faith set the wine back on the table. “Okay, now for your eyes.” Faith removed a black, leather blindfold from inside a folder. “This is the real deal. It will make sure you can’t see anything I feed you.”

Alison tentatively allowed Faith’s fingers to place the strap around her head and settle the blindfold down over her eyes. “Wow,” she said, now a little nervous. “You’re right. This thing really does a good job . I can’t see anything! Ummm…don’t feed me anything gross, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” replied Faith. Alison faced her voice, unable to see anything but a fringe of light around the edge of the blindfold where it lay against her nose. “Here we go!”

Alison felt Faith’s finger against her lips, and then the blonde girl’s hand pressed a small object into her mouth. “What is it?”

“A blueberry!” Alison replied. “Thanks! I love blueberries!” She swallowed.

“Okay, what’s this?” Faith asked, pressing another small item to her classmate’s lips.

Alison took the item into her mouth. “Mmmm…” she said. “It’s chocolate. A chocolate chip!”

“Very good,” remarked Faith. “Okay, now for something a little different. What is this?”

Alison felt the other girl draw close again and held her mouth up, lips slightly parted to receive her classmate’s next gift. But rather than another piece of food, this time she felt the press of two soft lips against her own.

She pulled back, her hands automatically trying to come forward to push away the other girl. The scarf restraining them prevented this. “Faith!” she gasped. “What are you doing?”

She felt her classmate’s arms encircle her and pull her close. She turned her head, but Faith leaned in closer, her lips on Alison’s neck. “Stop! Faith! I…” Faith pressed her mouth against Alison’s once more, cutting off her protest with its soft warmth. For a moment more Alison resisted, her heart pounding. But as Faith kissed her gently, she felt her lips parting almost as if they had a mind of their own, allowing her friend’s tongue slowly past them…

Jake’s Thoughts:

This blindfold is attractive and effective. It does a good job of blocking vision, letting only a slight border of light past the nose. It is secured by an elastic strap, which makes it easy to slide on and off. I’ve always been a little worried about elastic straps on blindfolds—it seems to me that they can come off too easily at an awkward moment. However, to date we’ve not had a problem with this one, so probably the issue’s more in my head than anywhere else.

Joy seems to find it comfortable—she can wear it for a long stretch if necessary. Plus, this matches the other items in our red-heart inlay birthday set—the wrist and ankle cuffs, the collar, and the paddle. I’d say this is a good choice for a casual blindfold, especially for beginners.

Joy’s thoughts: I like the way this looks with the rest of my cuff set; it’s very pretty.  The hearts are a nice touch.  This is a very lightweight blindfold, and not very tight, but does stay put.  I cannot see throught it except for a small slash of light at the very bottom by my nose.  This is comfortable and I always love the smell of leather.  My only dislike, if you even want to call it that, is about the elastic band.  The strap has held up well so far, but is thin.  I think I could probably get it off if I really wanted to.  Jake – I didn’t know you got a paddle!

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The little red hearts add just the right touch to the basic black leather
Real leather and good construction ensure this product will wear well
Good blockage of vision, and the elastic band holds the blindfold firmly in place
Ability to restrict the wearer's sight and stay put on their face makes this a winner


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