Stacy could see nothing but black–the blindfold Jerry had buckled around her head blocked all hope of vision. She knelt on her knees with her hands locked behind her back.

“Okay, Stacy, you know the bet. You need to identifyl who this is. You’ve got thirty seconds.” Stacy could hear Jerry’s watch beep as he set the alarm. “Everybody keep quiet and let’s mix ourselves up.”

Stacy could hear them moving, but couldn’t tell from the sound exactly what was happening. That jingling sound…was that Jerry’s keys? After a moment, the activity stopped, and she could sense someone standing in front of her.

A hand caressed her cheek, then cupped her chin. She felt something warm and soft press against her lips, and she opened them to allow it into her mouth. It was already semi-erect. The hand pulled her head forward and her nose pressed against denim and a metal zipper. It doesn’t taste like Jerry, she thought to herself.

Jake’s Thoughts: I purchased this black leather blindfold because I had planned an adventure where I wanted to be sure Joy could not remove the blindfold. My thought was that a buckle in the back would be more secure and harder to remove than an elastic band. However, this idea proved wrong. In fact, the buckle was less secure, probably because the lack of elasticity means it has to be positioned correctly on the head to maintain tension. As Joy moved and changed position during the course of the adventure, the blindfold kept having to be adjusted to keep it in place.

Aside from that issue, this is a high quality blindfold. It’s made of black leather with a fur-lined inside surface for comfort and to ensure vision is blocked, and the construction is such that it should last well. Joy truly cannot see when it is properly positioned over her eyes.

The challenge, as mentioned above, is to keep it properly positioned. There is only a single strap with a metal buckle to hold it, and I suspect that a blindfold that cannot be easily removed will require multiple straps. Because of this, this blindfold doesn’t see much use at our house. I’m afraid there are better choices when it comes to restricting your partner’s vision.

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Black leather is always fashionable
The buckle makes this blindfold slow to put on and allows it to slip off at the slightest provocation
Good blockage of vision ensure the wearer will be unable to see, as long as the blindfold is properly positioned
Having to deal with the blindfold constantly slipping out of place tends to cramp one's style


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