** Best Butt Thrusting Simulator **

”Oh my God,” Wendy thought to herself. “It’s fucking me!” Deep within her ass the plug stroked in and out, in and out. Her husband, Robert, matched its motion as he thrust into her mouth, but the plug captured most of her attention. It felt so good!

The pace of Robert’s motion increased, and she knew his explosion was near. She could feel her own orgasm building within her. “My God, this is what it’s like to be shared by two men!” she thought. “One in my mouth, and one in my ass!”

The thought took her over the edge, and as she twisted in her bonds in the throes of pleasure, she felt Robert’s warm seed fill her mouth. And deep within her, the plug kept up its implacable thrusting sensation, already starting to build her next climax even as she descended from the first one.

Joy’s Thoughts: The first time that Jake introduced this to me, I was blindfolded, which is always fun, but was also a good thing because otherwise I would have probably taken a glance at this thing and said “sorry, too big”. Then I would have missed out on something really good. The size (both length and girth) of this thing are downright intimidating. However, it only needs to go in as far as is comfortable, which I will bet is further than you might first think.

The only drawback I see with this toy is the noise level. This is not an item that I would bring out for use when anyone else is in the house unless that other person is either involved in your escapade or you just do not care who overhears your adventure. This toy starts out loud, and then it gets even louder in short bursts. I did not know what Jake had inserted in me. Fortunately, before my fear (remember that I was blindfolded) could get the best of me, I climaxed, and it was very fast.

As Jake, who had given me no warning, explained later, this toy is designed to simulate thrusting, and I really did feel that something large was pounding away in my bottom. The thrusting sensation is very strong, though the actual toy is not really going anywhere; there is no reason to fear it.

If the sound could be quieted, or maybe when it is not so unfamiliar next time, this could be the best anal toy ever. It is a satisfying size and sensation and it truly did help me reach climax very quickly. Jake was extremely proud of himself with this one, and rightfully so.

Jake’s Thoughts: This is not a beginner’s toy. It is large, both in length and in girth, and that will prove to be challenging for those who are new to the pleasures of the rear entrance. Though the toy is built to be fully inserted and left in place for hands-free operation, Joy, who has had a fair amount of experience with anal sex and toys of various types, to date has not been able to accommodate the full length within her ass.

Despite this, however, the toy is highly effective, and moreover, it is different than anything else we’ve tried. Rather than simply vibrating, like most anal plugs, this toy simulates a thrusting sensation. The toy itself does not thrust, but the beads inside it move up and down its length, causing the toy’s exterior to expand and contract in rhythm to feel as though it is sliding within the user. Joy liked this very much.

Though its size may be intimidating, the tapered shape allows for easy partial insertion, and it may be only partly inserted and still be effective. That, in fact, is how Joy has used it, and the only drawback is that it must be held in place (i.e. no hands free). The manufacturing quality seems solid and the toy is heavy in your hand; it feels like it will last. A wired remote controls the thrusting speed, and the dial can be set from slow to fast. As Joy mentions, the toy makes a fair amount of noise. That doesn’t present a problem for us in our playroom, but it might for those who require more discretion.

To be perfect, I’d say this toy should be slightly smaller, quieter and operate via a wireless remote. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and as it is, the unique feeling this toy provides and its sheer effectiveness at giving pleasure make it an outstanding addition to our toy chest.

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The sheer size makes this appear intimdating, which may be good or bad depending on what you want
Heavy in your hand and solidly constructed, but may be a bit noisy for some
May be too big for full insertion in some, but even partially inserted, the thrusting action is powerful!
The unique sensation brings intense pleasure to the user!


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