”Oh my God, can I do this?” he asked himself. He looked down at the black object in his hand. It looked a bit…intimidating. He knew it would fit—she’d put it in him last night and it had fit. And he knew it would feel good. God…it made him excited just to think how good it would feel. But that had been when she was there, when she had helped him with it.

Okay, she’d done more than help, he admitted to himself. Margaret had bent him over the armchair and pushed it right on home. And then she’d spanked him until his bottom was bright red! He felt himself stiffening at the memory.

But now that she wasn’t here, could he do it? She wanted him to wear it all day, and that was a long time! It might start to hurt, and besides, what if something happened? He couldn’t stay home all day—he had to go to work! What if somebody noticed? Something in the way he walked might give it away, perhaps. What if somehow somebody found out?

She’d never know if he didn’t put it in. He could wait until right before he met her for dinner and do it then! Wasn’t that more reasonable, after all? What was the point of having him wear it all day in the first place?

He heard his phone receive a text. “You should be up by now,” he read. “Yes, you have to wear it. Be a good boy and hurry up. Text me when it’s inside.”

“She’ll know if I don’t,” he thought. And besides, he wanted to. He wanted to hear her call him a good boy, to feel her affection, to light up her face with a smile when she found it there after dinner right where she had told him to put it. He opened the top drawer and found the lube, placed it and the anal plug on the top of his nightstand, and lowered his boxer shorts to his ankles.

Jake’s Thoughts: The Tristan Butt Plug claims to have been designed explicitly for extended wear, and while it’s not the best product we’ve found for this use, it does have some nice features. First, it’s neither too large nor too small. For my purposes, I want Joy to always be aware that she has a plug in her ass when it’s inserted. If the plug is so comfortable to wear that she can forget it’s in place, then it’s not serving its purpose. At the same time, it should be comfortable enough that it feels exciting and good rather than painful and bad, even after hours of insertion. This has proven to be a bit of a fine line to walk, but with one exception, the Tristan navigates it rather well. It reminds Joy of its presence constantly, but in a gentle, pleasurable way.

For those who want exact measurements, it is 3.5 inches tall (3.25 insertable) and 1.5 inches in diameter. Insertion isn’t a problem provided that a bit of lube is used, and since it is made of black silicone, cleanup is easy. No, it doesn’t vibrate, but you don’t really want that for extended wear anyway (the batteries would go dead, for one thing.) And there are no real frills, but once more, since you’re going to wear this under you clothes out and about during your normal day, why would you want frills? They would just get in the way.

All in all, this is a very simple toy and meets most of our requirements quite handily. So, why wasn’t it selected as our “best” extended-wear butt plug? For just one reason—the shape of the base. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the base is sort of bow-tie shaped—a rectangle that narrows in the middle and gets wider at each end. I think maybe the goal was for the base to fit nicely between the wearer’s legs, but as Joy pointed out, you don’t actually wear this thing between your legs! You wear it between your cheeks, and the shape does not conform to this portion of one’s anatomy. Therefore, the base pokes the wearer’s rear end and becomes uncomfortable after awhile, especially if they are doing a lot of sitting.

If the base were shaped more like that of the Mood Naughty plug that we recommend, I think the Tristan would be our favorite. But as it is, Mood Naughty wins.

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Discrete and classy in basic black
Silicone makes for durability and easy cleanup, and it stays put once inserted
Design flaw interferes with long-term wear--otherwise good
Would be an excellent experience for long-term wear except for that darned base!


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