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”Do you feel that, Hugh? That nice, humming inside you? Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Hugh could, indeed, feel the humming deep inside, and his burgeoning erection proved how good it felt.

“That’s right, baby, I can see you like it.” Michelle caressed him with her hand for a moment, then pushed him roughly back down onto the bed. “Now you’re going to make ME feel good, though! That’s what you’re going to be all about right now—giving me pleasure!” She lowered her voice to a low whisper as she bent down and put her lips to his ear. “You’re going to make me come, Hugh.”

Michelle put one leg over his head and straddled his face, grasping his hair with one hand. “You’d better do a good job, baby…and you’d better do it quickly. Lick my pussy, Hugh!” He slid his tongue into the moisture at the joining of her thighs, searching for the right spot.

“Hurry up, baby.” Michelle used his hair as a handle to position his head at a better angle. “I’m impatient.” Her voice was low and wicked. “I think you might need a little encouragement to get the job done properly.” She lowered herself fully down onto his face. “Do you need some encouragement?”

She reached out to the right of his body and grasped something small and black, something he hadn’t noticed before. He couldn’t see very well, but she manipulated it somehow, and…

”Uunnhh” he groaned. The vibrator in his ass had moved. It had grown. Whatever she had done had made it bigger!”

“Feel that, baby? Feel it in your ass?” Michelle’s nipples stood fully erect now, twin cherries on the tips of her breasts. “There’s no telling how big it can get, baby.” She manipulated the black object again, and once more he felt the vibrator grow. It had felt comfortable at first, but now it felt…big, big and aggressive.

Michelle tugged on his hair again. “Better get down to business, baby,” she said. “Whenever I think you’re not trying hard enough, I’m going to give this another squeeze.” She indicated the black object he could barely see in her hand. “You’ve had two pumps, Hugh. Only two.” Her breath was coming faster now as his tongue did its work. “What do you think it would feel like with four pumps. Or six.”

She ground herself against his face, and Hugh felt a surge of excitement tinged with just a hint of fear. Michelle wouldn’t stop—he knew her. She’d do just what she said…keep squeezing that thing as the plug got bigger and bigger in his ass! His erection was rock hard by now, but he focused completely on giving Michelle what she asked for, his tongue running up and back between the delicate folds of her labia.

Jake’s Thoughts: We have sampled a couple different models of inflatable anal plugs, but the Deluxe Wonder Plug has proven far and away the best. Let’s talk about the inflatable plug concept first, and then we’ll circle back to why the Wonder Plug is a good one.

The idea of an inflatable plug was intriguing to me because it provided an opportunity to grow the size of the plug after it was already inserted. Joy likes to feel full, and therefore, to a point at least, bigger is better. However, a large plug requires substantial warm-up time and even so, can still cause stress and pain during insertion. The idea of a plug that goes in small and then grows big seemed to solve that particular problem.

In addition, there’s the idea that the recipient of the plug, Joy, does not necessarily need to have control over the growth process. As I wrote in the example of use above, it can be great fun to have the Dominant control the plug, making choices around when it gets bigger and how large it grows. When we have used this product, Joy has been bound and I have taken charge of both the inflation and the vibration feature the Wonder Plug provides.

This concept has translated well into reality for us. The plug slides in easily given a little lubrication. Uninflated it’s a relatively comfortable size for those with a bit of anal experience. The ability to grow works rather nicely once it’s inside Joy, and creates an excellent sensation of being both excited and out-of-control. Because each squeeze of the inflation bulb corresponds to a relatively minor amount of growth, it’s possible to increase the size gradually, letting anticipation work its magic on Joy as she waits for the next pump. Add in the fact that the plug vibrates, and we’ve definitely found a winner!

Here’s why the Deluxe Wonder Plug has proven to be better than the other models we’ve tried.

  • First, there’s the fact that it vibrates—many inflatable anal plugs don’t have this feature. The vibration is controlled by a wired remote controller, and the speed is variable.
  • Second, it has a solid core, which makes insertion much, much easier. The first inflatable plug we tried was simply a balloon with no core, and it proved practically impossible to get in.
  • Third, the quality of manufacturing appears to be high. The inflation of the plug is even, rather than lopsided as I’ve seen in other models. We’ve only had this item a brief while, so I can’t really speak to durability, but it seems to have held up well so far.
  • The inflation bulb is detachable, a nice feature for when you’re done pumping it up. And the quick-release valve to let the air out works flawlessly.

Even though this is an excellent inflatable plug, the Wonder Plug isn’t perfect. Here are a few flaws that could be improved:

  • The exterior of the plug is, unsurprisingly, latex. While this allows for inflation, it also provides a faint chemical smell and a lingering taste where it contacts the wearer’s body. Because of this, and to decrease wear and tear on the latex caused by cleaning, we use our Wonder Plug with a condom over it.
  • The wired remote control for the vibrator is nice, but a wireless remote would be better!
  • Some sort of safety to prevent over-inflation would be nice. We’ve never come even close to inflating it to its maximum size, but if you were over-exuberant and went too far, I could see unhappy results. Even a counter on the tube to count how many pumps you’ve administered would be helpful (Joy’s maximum seems to be about six).
  • Though I mentioned that the bulb is detachable, it would be nice if the inflation tube could be detached as well. Unfortunately this is not possible with the Wonder Plug, and therefore the tube will hang down after insertion, even if the bulb is detached.

So, to summarize, we like the concept of inflatable anal plugs in general—they are highly exciting and work well in a BDSM context. Joy will testify that the Wonder Plug fills her up quite delightfully! If this idea appeals to you as well, the Wonder Plug is the best model we’ve found so far. Recommended.

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I have to detract a point for the tube-tail that hangs down after insertion
Good vibrations, inflation works well, and deflation is fast and easy
Easy insertion, plus the excitement of inflation and vibration--what's not to like?
The best testimony to how fun this is comes from the fact that Joy came immediately upon the second pump


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