Here you will find reviews and recommendations of BDSM and bondage-related products and merchants. Products that we have tested and found to be “the best” in a given category will be displayed most prominently. Products that didn’t measure up as well will be listed in the “other options” category. All products reviewed have played a role in one of our adventures, and have been personally tested by Joy and/or myself. All merchants reviewed have been patronized by Joy or I.



  • Bras
  • Corsets
  • Lingerie
  • Panties
  • Stockings


Note that Joy and I are only two people, and there is no way we could possibly test each and every bondage and BDSM product or merchant out there! Therefore, when a “best” rating is awarded in a category, it means that it’s the best that Joy and I have tried so far within that category. As we try out new items or merchants, we sometimes discover new offerings that outdo our previous “best”. In that case, we move the former “best” to the other options list, and replace it with the new “best”. Be aware as well that all product and merchant reviews are subjective–“best” really means “best for Jake and Joy”. Your own favorite may be different than ours based on your personal tastes and fantasies.

Product reviews start out with a vignette to help illustrate how the product could be used. We then provide some thoughts on the product from myself, Joy, or both of us. In addition to our comments, products are evaluated on a five point scale against four criteria:

  • Appearance – How attractive does the product look, and does its look enhance a bondage experience?
  • Quality – How well is the product made? Is it durable, and does it perform the job it’s designed for capably?
  • Severity – In bondage terms, how severe does the product look or feel? Fluffy cuffs, for instance, look and feel less severe than metal shackles.
  • Fun – Is the product enjoyable? Does it make a bondage adventure exciting and/or pleasurable?

Merchants are evaluated on a five point scale against four criteria as well, but they’re not the same four:

  • Quality – Are the products sold by this merchant generally well-made?
  • Selection – Does this merchant have a good selection of the type of products they offer? Or do they just have a few products available?
  • Customer Service – How quickly and reliably do they ship? Any billing problems? Are they discreet? What if there’s a problem with an order?
  • Prices – How expensive/inexpensive is this merchant compared to other, similar vendors?

It’s our hope that by looking over our reviews, those new to the BDSM world or those looking to expand the inventory in their toy chest can at least get some ideas for items that work and live up to their marketing spiel. If you have tried any of these products or merchants as well, and wish to share your own impressions, you’re able to do so through a link at the bottom of each product/merchant page. Joy and I would love to hear your opinion!

Full Disclosure: Leather Cuffs and Silken Bonds has affiliate relationships with some of the vendors that offer products reviewed on this site. Our strategy is to affiliate with as many vendors as possible–if we affiliate with all of them, you won’t have to worry about us being biased towards one of them based on the affiliation. Even if a vendor does not offer an affiliate program, we’ll do our best to make sure we don’t factor that into our review. To date, we have affiliate relationships with:

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