Guest Post by Joy

There are so many things that I like about anal sex. My husband loves the feeling of sliding his penis deep into my ass, and that gives me a sort of power over him. Since adding anal sex to our list of indoor games, I’ve gotten a lot more help around the house. Jake wants to make me happy, and to get me to bed on time: the earlier the better. I love that Jake and I have a new level of intimacy. He has found a new way to please me, which makes him feel more passionate as a lover, which in turn only benefits me. Jake loves anal sex, but my enjoyment is also very selfish. I don’t agree to it just to get some extra help with the dishes (I’m really not that shallow). I crave it. Just writing this entry about it turns me on.

Jake asked me to write about why I like it so much, so here goes. I do not usually like to talk even with Jake about what we do in our “playroom” outside of it. That gives me the confidence and feeling of security to try new things while we’re in there. However, most of the writings that I read about anal sex–how to get your partner to try it and why it feels so good–are clearly written by men, especially the articles that advise the “taker” to work through the pain. I’m not sure how much of it is purely fantasy, and while much of it just gives me the giggles, some articles make me wince. I am offering an honest testimony given by a happily married woman with mostly normal tendencies; me.

If you are considering taking the plunge (or letting someone else take the plunge into you), it is very important to know that anal sex is not for every relationship. I would certainly not recommend it for casual flings. This is because a great deal of trust is necessary for anal sex to be enjoyed by the receiving participant who must be able to relax and welcome the encounter. Otherwise, there will be real pain, and not the fun kind. It is very important that the very first time be enjoyable so that there will be a second time and more. I would never trust a partner who says “it’s supposed to hurt the first time” because that is simply not true. If it hurts, make your partner withdraw immediately and work up to it again. Don’t give up too soon. Good anal sex is amazing.

I like the whole concept of anal sex. It makes me feel incredibly sexy to be desired this way by Jake, almost like I’m a porn star. I have become more uninhibited in bed, and other places, because Jake unabashedly admires every inch of my body. Jake first asked me if he could enter my ass years ago, and I flatly told him “no”. The first time I told him that I had changed my mind was not the result of just finally giving in to his persistent requests. Instead, I asked him to enter my ass out of desire after months of him using his fingers, mouth and small toys to make me realize that I might really enjoy it. He was right.

My ass is an erogenous zone for me. I never get so wet so fast as when Jake starts to kiss me there. I feel fortunate to be physically built to take my husband’s penis in my ass. Since you asked; yes, it fits very nicely and did so even the very first time we went “all the way”. That being said, my ass is very tight like everyone else’s is; it is made to stay closed the majority of the time, after all. Because of this, I am tight every time and my husband feels huge every time. I enjoy the sensation of a complete fill, even being stuffed, which makes my orgasms incredibly strong. Sex for me is now rarely complete if my ass is not involved to some degree.

Anal sex is extremely intimate; sex doesn’t get much more intimate than having your husband/boyfriend/partner’s penis pushed up deep into your ass and you being unable to deny that you like having it there. That said, a little bit of prep time is needed if you are considering anal sex. Cleanliness is essential. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate; I have found that using a very inexpensive infant nasal aspirator for an anal douche works just fine. Even if Jake figures out what I am doing, the anticipation only adds to his excitement. You might think that this ruins spontaneity, but it doesn’t for us. Jake and I have more than just a few tricks in our bag, so I never feel that spontaneity is compromised. In fact, I find it incredibly exciting to look forward to an encounter with my husband. Hi Jake! (How about helping me with those dishes tonight?)

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